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The Mirror 

The North Shore Country Day School 

310 Green Bay Road 
Winnetka, Illinois 60093 

Table of contents 

Special Events 16 

Sports 42 

Faculty & Administration 70 

Lower School 88 

Middle School 102 

Upper School 110 

Senior Pages 124 

Advertisements 168 

Along the Curves 

I paid little attention to the super highways 
That crisscrossed the land in which I lived. 
I travelled along the curves. 

The sights were plentiful and 

I heard sounds easily muffled 

By the roar of speeding traffic. 

I heard the water's cooling whisper, 

The wind's gentle caress of the treetops, 

The sensuous melody of creatures harmonizing 

with nature. 

Light and shadow highlighted more dramatically 

the beauty of the land. 

I saw the faces of those small creatures who 

scampered and 

played in the gentle shade of swaying, tender 


I tasted luscious delights that couldn't grow 

In the harsh sunlight of plowed and patterned 


At night I slept in the gentle embrace of delicate 


Awakening fresh and renewed. 

Along the curves I saw the beauty of life, 

experienced the joy of living 

And met all of you, laughing, sharing, reaching 

out to love me. 

Thank you! 

*•" *#T* /IStt - ! V3»8HBi&MBt3B8— 3? 

. * .ii 

ft ± SuJSR&tiMmk FvTmfr 1 

f »' 

r ' :. 


.:,i^" ' : r l ' ■ 


l ' 




Bjjw").'- ■■ ,■; .^.^Bu, 


» '''""iiimi«lrt*' ,,r ~"^'' "* 


"WWjTiii'i n'iliTtKfltiirii'iM " -' ■ ^^^^B 



■' ' ' {^■,t' l ^*Atti^faMB^Wi^hi^yi-'"' 

Robert Joseph Kramer 
April 28, 1947— October 4, 1990 

The Yearbook Staff dedicates the 1991 Mir- 
ror to Robert J. Kramer, teacher and friend. We 
are grateful for the wonderful years of a won- 
derful life he shared with us. 

— Robert J. Kramer 


We wish to bid a fond farewell to our 
beloved Joseph H. Dimon IV, 
who . . . wait, I can't do this. Let's face 
it — the man's name is Scoot. 

When Scoot Dimon first graced our hal- 
lowed halls in the fall of 1987, he was 
greeted with a bit of curiosity and confu- 
sion. For never before had North Shore 
witnessed a man who was such an avid 
fan of all sports, a man who would sit in 
on any class, even if it involved a lan- 
guage he didn't speak, a man who referred 
to anyone and everyone as a "gang." The 
entire North Shore community will dearly 
miss Mr. Dimon, his wife, Maggie, (who 
was a North Shore teacher for two years) 
and their two sons, Philip and Ricky, 
when they return South at the end of this 
school year. 

It is easy to see the positive effect that 
the Dimon family has had on the North 
Shore community. Mr. Dimon is well- 
known for his habit of racing down the 
halls, talking with students (he knows all 
our names, too!). He enjoys listening to 
and participating in our classes, and he's 
always willing to fill in for an absent 

•*•. . 


££ mikhor 1 


14 i»»Mi g; 





■ ■ 


t JW 

Homecoming 1 990 was a great success, with a combina- 
tion of old traditions and new ideas resulting in everyone 
having a great time. The festivities were kicked off on 
Friday October 12, with a Raider bonfire, which will 
hopefully become an annual event. Senior football 
players Jake DiFrancesca and Zack Oelerich acted as 
Masters of Ceremonies, performing several difficult 
tasks, which included leading a stirring rendition of 
"O'er the Fields of Waving Purple" (these guys really 
gave Roseanne Barr a run for her money!). The evening 
culminated as football coach Jim Deuble lit the bonfire 
and we heard cheers from all of North Shore's fall sports 
teams — two thumbs up to Upper School Soccer for, uh 
. . . creativity! Last, but certainly not least, we witnessed 
the ceremonial "Burning of the Moose," as a Bullwinkle 

replica, acting as a symbol for the Mooseheart footba| 
team, was thrown into the flames. 

As it turned out, all that North Shore spirit paid 
the next day, when our Raiders beat Moosenheart for til 
first time in many years — with an incredible score of 4a 
20, no less! Everyone in the school community was alffl 
very glad to see so many people turn out to "Fight, fight 
fight/For the Purple and the White," especially those stl 
dents involved in the annual Homecoming Paradl 
Many of these loyal supporters also cheered on VarsiJ 
Volleyball, though they did lose to a very tough group a 
Alumni players; and Varsity Field Hockey, as they rl 
deemed themselves after last year's loss with a 3| 
triumph over the Alumni team. 

1« !».■»< fiS m 

Our Fall Show 

The 1990 Fall Show was Thornton Wilder's Pulit- 
zer — Prize winning play Our Town. With one of the 
largest casts ever used in a Fall Show, many people 
didn't believe our ever-lovin Ms. Molly Burns could 
put on such a demanding production. But we pulled 
it off, and even more so, we pulled it off well! 

That's not to say we pulled it off without a hitch, 
though. With many cast changes coming early in re- 
hearsals many cast members were becoming slightly 
schizophrenic trying to sort out all of the roles they 
had to play. It also didn't help that the cast was con- 
tinually banished to the top floor of the Upper 
School because "the crew had work to do!" Plus, lis- 
tening to Benjie as he constantly pondered the 
whereabouts of his birthday girl got many people 
quite annoyed after a while. And Danny doing his 
Elvis-impersonator Stage Manager didn't help things 
along. But despite all these small (but annoying) dis- 
trubances, the Our Town cast and crew managed to 
pull together for two great performances, particularly 
after we actually learned our lines. 


Ah, Halloween! A chance for kids of all ages to have fun 
scaring the wits out of everybody else and eating themselves 
sick with candy. This year, in addition to all of our wonder- 
ful pirates, royalty figures, super heroes, sports figures, and 
monsters, North Shore saw a few, shall we say, more unusal 
costumes. The most prominent: Tripp Frank's Puff the Mag- 
ic Dragon Wanna-be costume; Rob McClung the starfish; 
Jack Meadow costumed as the one of the cutest little Dick 
Tracy's you'll ever see; and Ed Coleman and Joe Shenton 
dressed (undressed?) as two — ahem! — Cans of Spam, with 
Jake DiFrancesca as their, um, Grocer (for lack of better 
phrasing — we don't want to offend our school family) Yeah. 
Anyway, 'twas a Happy Halloween for all — let's hope next 
year is as much fun! 

Work Day 

Work Day, the annual North Shore event in which we miss school 
to rake leaves, was an even bigger success than in years past. The 
Upper School's off-campus raking gave the day a great start. Though 
some groups didn't have much work to do, others swore that the 
lawns they raked hadn't seen a landscaper since the Eisenhower Ad- 

Mrs. Foster's new plan of raking on-campus without our buddies 
worked fairly well, though some couldn't resist throwing a Lower 
Schooler into a pile of leaves! After our work was done, the sound of 
First Instinct, the Upper School band, filled our ears, as we sat down, 
tired from the day's events, for a snack with our buddies, consisting 
of the traditional doughnuts and apple juice. Our spirits were soon 
lifted once again at the thought of . . . Duck-Duck-Goose! Yes, North 
Shore's tradition still lives on — after all, it's tremendously fun! 

We wrapped up the day with the Upper and Middle Schools view- 
ing Mr. Almquist's as of yet unedited Work Day Film. The entire 
experience can probably be summed up best by Lisa Rosen: "Fun." 


Before we all went off for our Thanksgiving Break this year, 
we had a chance to see our own school friends in a different 
light. Our Thanksgiving Morning Ex. allowed the Lower School 
and International Students to illustrate cultural differences and 
similarities through songs, stories, and samplings of different 
languages. We learned about the holidays that are celebrated in 
various countries through a musical presentation. It was a great 
way to learn more about our North Shore family before we all 
headed off to be with our own; hopefully, it will continue in the 
coming years. 

Interim Week 

Interim Week once again proved to be 
an interesting and stimulating experience 
for all Upper School students. During this 
one week in the beginning of November, 
students pursued their areas of interest, 
jointly or independently. People spent 
much of their time in the courtroom, in 
front of video editing machines, under 
cars, or in airplanes. Interim night, which 
featured an inspiring presentation by the 
Alcohol Awareness group, gave each In- 
terim Group a chance to share their exper- 
iences with each other. Interim Week '90 
was, as always, a great success and will 
continue to be in the future. 

gg mikror 25 




Madrigal 1990 was a success as usual. The turnout 
was high for the third year in a row, and all guests 
seemed to be highly entertained. Danny Beider 
and Bela Agrawal presided as Lord and Lady of 
the Manor, and the rest of the chorus acted as 
singers of the court. The music varied from tradi- 
tional Christmas carols to a barbershop arrange- 
ment of "Jingle Bells," to a madrigal duet sung by 
Ale Levi and Michaela Murphy. Other entertain- 
ment included Danny Cogan as the Court Jester. 
Who could forget the job Stuart Lax and Rob 
McClung did as the beef-eaters in their lovely col- 
lars? All in all, 1990's Madrigal Feaste was an ex- 
perience to be remembered! 

The Lower School, from Junior Kindergarten to Fifth Grade, put on a wonderful holiday 
program which obviously reflected a lot of preparation time on the parts of teachers and 
students. This annual show included colorful songs, skits, and dances in the traditional holi- 
day spirit, with a story of "Snow Magic." Another demonstration of holiday spirit was in the 
annual Winter Concert, when students of al! ages, along with the faculty, presented a variety 
of musical extravagazas. The Lower School performed two pieces, the Middle School 
played many instrumental numbers, and choruses from all three levels sang, closing with a 
stirring rendition of "We Wish You a Merry Christmas." These events helped to make the 
holiday season even more memorable. 


Santa Claus Dance, 1990 

Once again, in keeping with North Shore tradition, 
the entire school, students and faculty alike, partici- 
pated in the Santa Claus Dance. Holiday spirit virtu- 
ally ran amok as Santa Claus bounded around the 
gym and joined the Seniors and Kindergarteners in 
hokey-pokeying. Other students entertained our 
NSCDS family by dancing to such mega-hits as "The 
Chipmunk Christmas Song — " what talent! All in all, 
the Santa Claus dance was a very enjoyable and 
worthwhile experience in our holiday celebrations. 


Morning Ex. ... Well, to say the 
least, Morning Ex. has been relatively 
diverse this year. From the annual Hal- 
loween, Thanksgiving, and Martin Lu- 
ther King Day programs, to Molly 
Burns' description of her camping trip 
to watching Josh hug Mr. Lanphear, the 
student body was entertained at least 
two times each week throughout the 
year. Anyway, Morning Exercises this 
year were, as always, simply treasures. 

30 2EZEI 

£3 MIRROR 31 


of waving purple 

r **&t&!L 

-■ . ■ '■ 


nst ail'! 


We Are Yearbook 


* * 

■Ah , the yearbook staff. How to describe these stunning folks? 
•bviously, we are great artisans — hence, the fabulous piece of liter- 
ly work you now hold. But what about the human side? Let us did 
fceper into the lives of these incredible students who have devoted 
fturs and hours, days and nights of their precious time, simply so 

)u could own this lovely memento of your school days. For one 

ing, they have a penchant for taping paper to walls, be it paper 

ith strange advertisements, reminders to themselves about what- 

rer they could possibly want or need to be reminded of, or deep 
,-iilosophical sayings (well, sort of). But let's meet each one sepa- 
Ltely, shall we? 

I First, we have our fearless leader, our head honcho, our main 
"an, our studly hunk himself, the Editor-in-Chief Robert A. 

xClung. On any given day, one could wander into the publica- 

Dns office and find Rob, head in hands, stressing out over any- 

ing and everything that comes to mind. All kidding aside, though, 

ob really has been the driving force behind the 1991 Mirror. Being 

e only person ready to talk to Ray Gilgenbach, our "Yearbook 

)ecialist," he pulled things together nicely. 

Granted, Rob had a great deal of help from Assistant to the Edi- 

>r, Stuart Lax. Known to most as Stu, this guy with the hair (hair, 

)ay we add, that bounces back in a really neat way when you pull 
) was a tad bit more . . . mellow, shall we say, than Rob. With Stu, 
I >u never knew if he would be playing Led Zeppelin air guitar, or 

iietly suggesting that the rest of us calm down. He also had the 

agical ability to make Sarah Crawford materialize, by singing 

hat has been termed "The Sarah Crawford Song." 

Speaking of Sarah Crawford, it has been concluded that, even though she does not have the privilege of having been mentioned 

1 the Title Page, she is deserving of an honorable mention. You see, Sarah, despite being loud and incessantly cheerful, has really 

oved quite handy to have around at times. It would appear that whenever we begin to scream about something being wrong 

ith our trusty Macintosh, she was able to fix it. Therefore, Sarah has become our local Computer Expert, and we would like to 

ke this moment of silence to acknowledge her as an honorary editor. Thank you. 

', Let's move on to Barry Zgonena, our Photography Editor. We really don't know what to say about Barry — namely because we 
r 4rely saw Barry. After repeated pleas for him to get pictures developed, they would mystically appear in the office. It could be 
lat with all the time he spent there as Editor of the DSJ, the sight of the place really made him want to puke. Of course, we don't 
kiow. We never knew much about what was up with Barry. However, most of the lovely photographs in this yearbook are due to 
I m. Say thanks if you see him. 

But referring to our other Mirror/DSJ Editor, it could safely be said that Copy Editor Michaela Murphy spent most of her 
inior year in the publications office. It became apparent that she had been in there too long when she began to wander around 
irieking about her lists (which she loved making — rather odd for an otherwise entirely disorganized person, but that's okay). She 
as more content doing that, though, then dealing with other people, usually begging them to turn in the copy she had asked them 
i do. But seriously, it wasn't that hard to keep Mike happy — we just had to be sure that there was always a large supply of Diet 
take in the office, along with some other form of snack food, preferably Cape Cod popcorn or Chips Ahoy. 

Gretchen Theders, Layout Editor Extraordinaire, was one of the easiest members of this year's staff to get along with, as long as 
3u didn't call her "Greenpeace" or insult Wolfgang . . . her car. Okay, so Gretchen's a little weird, but aren't we all? Despite her 
ibit of screaming when she got frustrated and her difficulty in making decisions ("Combos or popcorn? Combos or popcorn?"), 
[e really loved having her around. 

i As did her best friend, Business Manager Kate Kehoe. Kate was not only an incredible business woman, she shared a special 
fc>nd with Rob: they both really hate sloppiness. Eventually, of course, she pretty much gave up on cleaning the office, and would 
ist sort of grumble from time to time. She would also get quite depressed upon having to deal with store managers who she 
anted to give her money. Aside from that, though, Kate was generally pretty cheerful — sometimes really cheerful. There were 
imes when we though her laughing fits would last for hours (yet another sign of a Yearbook Editor who had gone too long 
ithout seeing the light of day). 

Well, that's your Mirror Editorial staff for 1991-1992. Of course, there are a few other people worthy of mention. Many thanks 
> the following, who devoted much time and effort to making this publication a success: Bela Agrawal, Nick Battaglia, Danny 
eider, Laura Collins, Tripp Frank, Denis Healy, Ashley Hemphill, Aishng McDonagh, Liza Michaels, Josh Quinn, Joe Shenton, 
>an Berenberg, Maciej Ceglowski, Robyn Goldman, Joanna Tepper, Angeline Brown, Benjie de la Fuente, Stefanie Freeman, 
elli Stebel, and Justin Wood . . . Thanks, guys! 

Diller Street Journal 

The DSJ got off to a rather slow start this year. With a shortage of staff writers (which first consisted purely of the 
five editors), we had minor problems meeting our deadlines. However, when the stupendous Journalism class 
emerged and learned the art of word processing on our beloved Macintosh, we were just rolling in articles, and 
produced some great issues. Fortunately, two members of the editorial staff and all of the staff writers will be return- 
ing next year, so The Diller Street Journal should be better than ever. 




Amanda Bailey, Anna Buck, Missy 
Wemstrom, Gladys Granados, Estelle 
Campos, Akiko Chizawa, Carrie 


£S mirror T;7 







This year's student 
council efforts were headed 
by President Kris Gardi- 
ner. This group of twenty 
continued the recycling 
campaign of previous 
years, and we all worked 
hard (and succeeded, we 
think!) at raising school 
spirit. Perhaps a new tradi- 
tion has begun with the 
Homecoming Bonfire. 
Also, we were proud to 
note the overwhelming at- 
tendance of the Turnabout 
Dance. It was an overall 
successful year, and we 
hope future students keep 
it up! 

38 2221^ 

Chorus & Barbershop 


Chorus 1990-91 was, as always, an experience to be cher- 
ished. We immediately got to work on preparing the third an- 
nual Madrigal Feaste, and as soon as this production was over, 
these talented young performers moved into preparation for the 
Winter Concert, which was quite a success. They had a good 
seven minutes or so to rest, and then they were bombarded 
with news of their (in the words of Mr. Wallenberg) "big thing:" 
The Pirates of Penzance! So these poor students worked for 
months to give North Shore a masterful production of this Gil- 
bert and Sullivan operetta, at the same time working on a 
Spring Concert. In spite of the crowded schedule, though, we 
had a blast. 

Another group worthy of mention is the Clean-Cut singers, 
the Barbershop Chorus, a group that was changed into a year- 
round chorus performing at all the school concerts last year. 
This year, the same group of nine students continued to work 
on their repertoire of songs in four-part harmony, including 
such songs as "Coney Island Baby" and the National Anthe- 
m — and let's not forget that old favorite, "My Wild Irish 
Rose." Hopefully, the Barbershop chorus will live on as a new 
North Shore tradition. 


The Girls' Athletic Project Association proved itself to be a worthy cause 
once again in 1990-91. Making themselves known at Homecoming, GAPA 
started the year off well by selling food and North Shore apparel, and continued 
uphill from there. These hard-working female athletes spent the year raising 
funds for the furthering of their athletic endeavors, and had a great time doing 


Middle School Forum 

Back Row: Chris Tynan, Robert Wienke, Seth Greene, Louis Brown, Meredith Lavender, Annie Pinkert, Erin Sexton, Jenn Wolter. 
Second Row: Jessica Bakalar, Jared Michaels, Scott Leslie, Angela Krieger. Front Row: Scott Fields, Peter Smey, Gaby Levi, Andy Rich- 
ards, Margit Zsolnay, Melanie Lewis, Rupal Malani, Ginny Wharton 

"Deuble Ushers in New Raider Era" 

The football team enjoyed a very successful season in 
1990. We played as an independent, which meant we played 
teams from all over the area and some from out of state. 

The 1990 Raiders, led by co-captains Tripp Frank and 
Nick Battaglia, compiled a regular season record of 9-0, 
which was the only undefeated season since 1963. 

The great season gave the team a chance to participate in 
the state playoffs for the first time since 1985. In the playoffs, 
the Raiders beat South Beloit High School in the opening 
round, then were beaten by Durand High School in the sec- 
ond round. The final record was 10-1. 

The team was made up of 23 players, 9 of whom were sen- 
iors who played key roles on the team. The seniors were: 
Tripp Frank, Nick Battaglia, Zach Oelerich, Denis Healy, 
Josh Quinn, Jake DiFrancesca, Andrew James, Ed Coleman, 
and Rob McClung — thank you, guys, for being good leaders 
on the field. The Raiders have a good group of returning 
players, and we'll look for more success in the 1991 season. 

Thanks to all the students, parents, faculty, and alumni 
who gave us so much support. 1 990 was a great year that we 
will all remember for years to come. 

— Jim Deuble 

"Battaglia runs 
as North Shore 

for 201 yards 
romps again"i 
-Pioneer Press 









N. Military 


Roosevelt (JV) 



Williams Bay 


Valley Lutheran 






Gordon Tech (JV) 



Lake Forest Academy 



South Beloit 





Season Record: 10-1 

"Raiders Rout Yet Another 

— Pioneer Press 

'North Shore Still Perfect After Romp" 

— Pioneer Press 

Field Hockey Rocks at State 

"North Shore stunned Elgin Academy 5-4 in 
overtime to advance to . . . semifinals at Lake 
Forest." — Chicago Tribune 

"In the third-place game of the state finals. 
North Shore Country Day beat Antioch 1-0 
" — Chicago Tribune 

% 'Mi 



-*■• " "- 

■$,? . . ■: .■■■■■■■' 


Field Hockey began one week 

in August on a very hot day, 

Our numbers were high 

Our enthusiasm, the same way. 

We had freshmen abounding 

And a strong senior class, 

The sophomores and juniors, though few 

Would not be surpassed. 

A slow start we had 

In Warrior and Scout territory, 

But we began to improve 

And that told our year's story. 

With each game thereafter 

Whether victory or defeat, 

Our strong "will to win" 

Could never be beat. 

The coaching ranks increased 

Wendy and Julie helped the attacks, 

And Karen returned 

To work with the backs. 

We made changes in systems 

Forwards with speed made sense. 

With Ling directing the backs, 

Gigi was great on defense. 

Angeline with her hard drive 

Yoo-Kyung tackling one-handed, 

Liza was always ready 

A bright smile with abandon. 

Our sweepers were effective 

Carrie learned from them much, 

Michaela anticipating the passes 

And Kris tackling in the clutch! 

And Robyn in the goal 

A tough position she learned, 

Some key saves she made 

And great respect she earned. 

We used Becky on defense 

But as a forward she had speed, 

With Jen and Elizabeth 

All fleet-footed indeed. 

Lisa, Carin, and Marnie 

All handled the midfield 

Their improvement was great 

Always striving, they did not yield. 

The forward line blended, 

Gretchen's passing was great. 

Ashley was double-teamed 

But often too late. 

Beth and Katie as forwards 

Would rov er the left side, 

Their teamwork improved 

With deflections their pride. 

And so we got better 

Each day was pretty cool, 

When we needed a change 

We aquacized in the pool! 

We beat the Alumni 

on Homecoming Day! 

The Buddha returned 

Winning 3-1 our way. 

We trekked out to Elgin 

Four times this past season, 

Looking for Pizza Hut 

Caused frustration with reason! 

Team unity got stronger, 

Pasta dinners, sleeps overnight, 

The seniors started at Elgin 

The Tournament went right. 

Our Sectional game 

Would decide who would go, 

The Hilltoppers once again 

Would be our foe. 

The score was 2-2 

After a hard-fought game, 

And when 10 minutes ended, 

The score was the same. 

We exchanged strokes then 

To see who made the most, 

And in the dark we won 

When Elgin's last shot hit the post! 

To the Final Four we went 

North Shore's first time in the race, 

A loss to Lake Forest 

But we beat Antioch for 3rd Place! 

— Coach Edee Madsen 

First Annual ISL Field Hockey Tournament 

; MIRROR 47 







Never before in North Shore football 
history has a team had the success that 
this year's team had. Definitely a season 
to remember, the "Rompin' Raiders" fin- 
ished 10-1, the most victories by a North 
Shore football team ever. Under the lea- 
dership of first-year head coach Jim Deu- 
ble, the Raiders outscored their opponents 
358-100 while never allowing more than 
twenty points to be scored against them in 
a single game. Another impressive notch 
in the Raiders' belt is that they racked up 
three shut-outs towards the beginning of 
the season. Going to the playoffs for the 
first time in five years, they defeated the 
first team but was stopped by Durand in 
the second game, 14-7 .. . not as impres- 
sive a victory as the Durand fans had ex- 
pected (they got slaughtered the next 
week, anyway). Led by seniors, a good ex- 
ample has been set for the young team 
who will attempt to carry on the Raider 

1. Greg Jacobs tries to be sneaky by tip-toeing past a 
Mooseheart player. 2. "Here, you want the ball? No, 
really, take it!" 3. Tandem! 4. "Hi, Mom." 5. Gener- 
ous players trying to give the ball away certainly were 
abound this season. 


Back Row: Mack Afshar, Greg Jacobs, Ed Coleman. Second Row: Eric Lunding. Mike Hanover, Scott 
Shlaes, Sean Pressman, Benjie de la Fuente, Bryan Resendiz, T.C. Whiting, Danny Cogan, Mac McCarty. 
Third Row: Todd Heinz, Gary Meltz, Seth Feldman, John Frank, Tavarian Dinkins, Owen Gerst, Andrew 
James. Front Row: Jim Deuble, Zach Oelerich, Rob McClung, Tripp Frank, Nick Battaglia. Josh Quinn, 
Denis Healy, Jake DiFrancesca, Jay Bach. „ 

jjg M1RBOR 49 

Back Row: Gretchen Theders, Jen Hall, Angeline Brown, Elizabeth Bensinger, Beth Jacobs, Kris Gardiner. Yoo- 
Kyung Kim, Marnie Wienke, Liza Michaels, Michaela Murphy. From Row: Carrie Goldstein, Lisa Rosen, Becky 
Cutler, Ashley Hemphill, Carin Healy, Katie Whittlesey, Gigi Farah. 



History in 
the Making 

The Upper School 1990 Field Hockey 
team was an all-around triumph. Though 
the team was once again made up predo- 
minantly of underclassmen, some of 
whom had never even played the sport be- 
fore, they quickly adjusted, helping to in- 
still self-confidence into the players. So, 
after some grueling pre-season practice, we 
all trooped off to our very first game of 
the season — against Lake Forest High 
School — and lost 8-0. However, we kept 
our heads high, and soon beat Woodlands 
6-0, and it was all uphill from there. We 
made ourselves (and our wins!) well- 
known through an incredible series of 
Morning Ex. announcements, and soon 
had the entire school backing us in our ef- 

In the end, our Season Record was 12- 
12, and our Conference Record was 6-4, 
but that isn't the most important point 
here. As we went through the season, we 
became closer and worked together better, 
in projects like searching for Pizza Hut, 
going against Elgin in strokes in the dark, 
being so obnoxious in guarding them that 
we forced their best player out of the 
game, cooking pasta dinners and watching 
The Little Mermaid and Pretty Woman. 
And let's not forget our biggest accom- 
plishments of the season: winning the ISL 
tournament, making it to the State's final 
four (for the first time in North Shore his- 
tory!), and winning third place in state! 

As always, we would like to extend our 
thanks to Joe Shenton for his loyal fan 
support, and to our assistant coaches 
Wendy Read, Julie Blumenthal, and Ka- 
ren Riggs. We save most of our apprecia- 
tion, though, for Edee Madsen — without 
her, not only would the season not have 
been so victorious, it wouldn't have been 
nearly as much fun! Thanks, Coach! 

1. Gretchen seems to be enjoying herself. 2. Watch 
out Gret — Number 31 looks a tad angry. 3. Tell that 
ref off, Ashley! 

jg mirror" 51 







Ah, soccer! North Shore made a historic 
leap this year by transforming an old sport 
into a mix of volleyball, track and wres- 
tling. In fact, many players seemed to feel 
that kicking the ball with their feet was 
too banal for their tastes and decided on 
more exotic means of moving it along. In 
fact, until coach Lunding explained some 
of the basic rules of soccer, balls were be- 
ing punched, dribbled and punted with the 
face. All in all, soccer did make progress. 
The team went from losing hideously to 
losing badly. The team tied a real team 
and beat an unreal team, Cathedral, who 
seemed to have their minds on tangerine 
dreams and marmalade skies instead of on 
soccer. Hopefully, next year North Shore 
will have an influx of foreign exchange 
students who will appreciate the team 
motto: "It's not winning or losing that 
counts, but knowing which game you're 
playing that matters." 

1. Ahhhhh! 2. The "Kaz-Man" does the cha-cha. 3. 
Seth tries to imitate the "Kaz-Man," but to no 
avail — he just can't dance like Kaz! 4. The game was 
delayed a bit when all of the Raiders' hands unex- 
pectedly fell off. 5. Kaz has gotten so into the game, 
a soccer ball has sprouted from his foot! 



Back Row: Eric Lunding, Erick Sosa, Maximo Chehin. Philipp Schmidt, James Mo- 
ses, Chad Charowhas, Mack Afshar, Maciej Ceglowski, Seth McCulloch. Front 
Row: Kris Baade, Eric Gannon, Tom Rankin, Hide Hosono, Eugene Kuznetsov, 
Blake Gordon, Matt Smey. SS"m5bo5~ S^ 


Varsity: Back Row: Kate Kehoe, Sarah Crawford, Pam Netzky, Joanna Tepper. 
Front Row: Akiko Chizawa, Robyn Goldman, Virginie Mahillon, Laura Collins. 

inior Varsity: Back Row: Alexis Copland, Katie Davis, Hope Jelinek, Elizabeth 
xley, Betty Fisher, Stephanie Crumpton, Kelli Stebel. Front Row: Kathy Wolbach, 
irrie Berkowitz, Gladys Granados, Tamara Littles, Anne Bridgman. 

Less is 

Despite the record of the Varsity Tennis 
team, we managed to net a few individual 
victories. By the end of the season, our 
team showed improvement by going from 
disastrous losses to merely heart-breaking 

In a short period of time, through much 
hard work and dedication, we developed a 
team with a lot of enthusiasm. The Junior 
Varsity proved this by ending with a win- 
ning season and rising to the occasion 
when needed to play with the Varsity 
team. Even though the Varsity record was 
0-7, our determination and high spirits 
carried us to a third place standing in the 
ISL tournament. Also, at our first appear- 
ance in State competition, Joanna Tepper 
won her first round at first singles against 
a player from Niles North, ending the sea- 
son on a high note. 

We would like to commend Coach Ran- 
dolph in his success in coaching our team 
for the first time, and we wish him and 
the 1991 tennis team the best of luck. 
— Kate Kehoe and Sarah 
Crawford, Co-captains 

1. Sarah looks awfully mellow, doesn't she? 2. Kate 
has often been complimented on her remarkable ba- 

fiS MnmoB 55 





Volleyball had a great season this year. 
Even though we had a shaky start, we had 
high morale, and managed to end with an 
overall victorious season. Not only did we 
win more than half our games, we also 
managed to pull together as a team. We 
won more steadily as the season pro- 
gressed, and we improved a great deal by 
the end of the season. With the help of 
Cathy Burbules (a.k.a. Ms. B!) and Cindy 
Hooper, our coaches, and co-captains Es- 
telle Campos and Tory Richardson, we 
had an incredible season and a lot of fun! 

1. Stelly really gets into her dives! 2. The other team 
must have been really ugly for Alyssa to look so hor- 
rified. 3. This certainly seems to be an enthralling 
game. 4. Chelby is looking quite pleased with herself. 
5. Apparently Tory has just discovered the blow-up 
of Tom Cruise on the gymnasium ceiling. 



Back Row: Jill Kiphart, Missy Wemstrom, Nicole Rousseau, Ale Levi, Estelle 
Campos, Alyssa Poolos. Front Row: Nadra Kareem, Alexandra Roginsky, Carter 
Frank, Tory Richardson, Lili Neves, Chelby Hobson. 


1 '■ 

* m^ 


Varsity: Matt Smey, Rob McClung, Tavarian Dinkins, Ed Coleman, Andrew James, Jake DiFrancesca, 
Philipp Schmidt, T.C. Whiting, Maximo Chehin, Zach Delerich, Joe Shenton, Nick Battaglia. 

Upper School 


Basketball: A 



The Varsity Boys' Basketball Team 
ushered in the new decade with a record 
vastly improved from last year's. Fortified 
by a core of six returning seniors, the 
Raiders showed everybody that they were 
capable of putting points on the board and 
even winning games. New members of the 
team greatly enhanced it, proving them- 
selves to be valuable additions. 

Junior Varsity has also fared well this 
year in the ISL. Led by a group of talented 
sophomores, the JV Raiders won their 
share of games this season, some by incre- 
dible margins. Sharp shooting and inner 
strength made them a team to be reckoned 
with, and they will surely carry their suc- 
cess with them to the varsity level. 

lior Varsity: Loren Berry, Mike Hanover, James Moses, Sean Pressman, Scott 
aes, John Frank, Gre g Jacobs, Seth Feldman, Mack Afshar. 

1. Careful, Greg — you could do some serious dam- 
age! 2. Someone explain to me how he managed to 
make that shot from that position. 3. Did U-High's 
jumper just . . . forget, or something? 4. The guys not 
playing certainly look enthralled, don't they? 


US Girls' 

The Upper School Girls' Basketball Team 
of 1991 fared very well this season. Though 
we got something of a reputation as being 
slightly violent (we didn't start any of those 
fights, we swear!), we had an incredible time 
anyway. With our coach, Cindy Hooper, and 
assistant coach Amy Peters, we worked all 
winter to emerge as an incredible team. 
However, that's not to say that we did noth- 
ing but work hard all season — we spent quite 
a bit of time having fun and really became 
close; it can safely be said that we were all 
great friends by our last game. Even though 
we had a heart-breaking, very close loss in 
that last game, which was part of the Region- 
al Tournament, we were able to say that we 
tried our best. Though the Varsity Lady 
Raiders had a split record (give or take a few 
games), we were all proud of how well the 
Junior Varsity players did — they instilled 
fear into the hearts of basketball players, es- 
pecially within the Independent School 
League. All in all, we feel that we have had a 
successful season, having emerged healthier, 
happier, and a little wiser to the game of 

1. Are pile-ons usually a part of basketball? 2. Gigi looks 
happy. 3. Most people don't know of the incredible side 
profits many referees get for their dancing skills. 4. 

Junior Varsity: Back Row: Mamie Wienke. Carrie Goldstein, Pam Netzky, Nadra 
Kareem, Akiko Chizawa. Cindy Hooper. Front Row: Katie Whittlesey, Ale Levi, 
Lisa Rosen. Cann Healy, Gladys Granados. 

Varsity: Back Row: Sarah Crawford. Aisling McDonagh, Tina Puschaver, Ashb 
Hemphill, Gigi Farah, Cindy Hooper. Front Row: Pam Netzky. Liza Michaels, Ale 
Levi, Lisa Rosen, Estelle Campos. 






"A Learning 


We came into the season as a generally 
inexperienced group of players. However, 
our coach Eric Lunding recognized whaf 
we had and capitalized on it. He taught usr 
the basics we needed to form a good foot- 
ball team. He was understanding through- 
out the season, and the improvement that 
we showed by the end of the year was in- 
credible. We always stayed positive — we 
never hung our heads after a loss, but used 
it as a learning experience. We would like 
to thank Eric for all of the encouragement 
and everything he taught us this year. 
Many thanks also go to Matt Smey for his 
teams bowl advice. 

1 . Anyone up for a Raider sandwich? 2. There must 
be something awfully interesting over there. 

Back Row: Morgan Campbell, Scott Fields, Scott Leslie, Michael Wolf, Gus Kal- 
pake, Jamie Ferguson, Henley Shotwell, John Whittlesey, Danny Rosenberg, Peter 
Smey, Eric Lunding. Front Row: Chris Wang, Liam Cavanaugh, Tom Heinz, Brian 
Diamond-Falk, Mark Beckwith, Nick Brown, Andy Lurie, John Marshall. 




m: Jim Deuble, Gaby Levi, Jason Butler, Drew Masur, Jack Delaney, Jared 
Is Dan Wirtz, Nat Durbin, Mark Meiners, Jay Bach. Second Row: Robert 
cion, Sean Butler, Brian Rohlen, Joe Fortunato, Gordon Humme, Andy 
Is, Mac Dunbar-Bickmore, Lucas Mills. Front Row: Paul Yoon, Jason 
) ' Seth Greene, Gavin McDonagh, Luke Bakalar, Jeremy Robin, Chris Dat- 
lathon Bean, David Swaney, Robert Wienke. 


Season For 

It was a novel year for the Middle 
School Soccer Team — we won more than 
half our games! We are confident that next 
year's team will still be impressive, and we 
are counting on the 8th grade team to be 
as good or better than this year's 8th grade 
power team. Our captains, Dan Wirtz, Ja- 
red Michaels, and Andy Richards, helped 
us along in their leadership, which made 
everyone else contribute a lot to our win- 
ning season. Everybody improved a lot by 
the end of the season, thanks to our great 
first-year soccer coach Jay Bach. 

1. I think you're supposed to kick it, but I'm not 
really sure. 2. Who's that cute girl on the sideline? 3. 
Where's the other team? 





Hockey at 


We've had yet another fun field hockey 
season for the Middle School. For the first 
year, 6th and 7th graders could take part 
playing on the Varsity team. The rainy 
weather didn't help our season, as two 
games were cancelled. However, our spir- 
its were never swamped! Well, at least we 
could watch the Middle School soccer 
team play in the rain, right? We rushed 
through the season (sticks brushing the 
ground) with help from our senior referee, 
Aisling McDonagh, and coaches Edee 
Madsen and Vanessa Kellerman. We 
played about seven games and scored two 
triumphant goals. Not the most successful 
season, but definitely exciting (and enjoy- 

—Hope Cristol & 
Maggie Marzano 

1. Air hockey? 2. Exactly what are they fighting over? 
Where's the ball? 3. It would appear that, in follow- 
ing volleyball tradition, Erin Sexton has installed ra- 
dio control into the field hockey stick and ball. 

Back Row: Erin Sexton, Angela Richardson, Meredith Lavender, Maggie Mar- 
zano, Hope Cristol, Melanie Lewis, Margit Zsolnay, Anne Dorr, Hadley Lewis. 
Second Row: Carolyn Passino, Stacey Jackson, Susan Pope, Whitney Brown,; 
Hillary Wirtz, Allegra Rosberg, Jenn Wolter, Vanessa Price. Front Row: Ginnj 
Wharton, Cary McQueen, April Krieger, Angela Krieger, Dana Brown, DevolL 
Levy, Eliza Durbin, Brooke Price. Gabe Edidin. Annie Pinkert. Andrea Moffat. 

->w: Miss Hilbink, Katy Drake, Elizabeth Eden, Nikola Kravitt, Karen Peh- 
Shameka Manning, Mika Hosono, Ellen Berry, Laura Leahy. Front Row: 
n Brennan, Brooke Bakalar, Liz Houston, Kim Siske, Jessica Bakalar, 
:y Bartlett, Cathy Luft. 



This year's volleyball team was super, 
under the leadership of Miss Hilbink and 
Ms. B. We had two teams: one for the 6th 
and 7th grades, and an eighth grade team. 
By the end of the season, both teams had 
grown closer as a group and showed a 
great deal of improvement in their skills. 
— Kathleen Brennan 
and Cathy Luft 

1. Please, please let us win! 2. Yo, guys, it's behind 
you! 3. Levitation. 


Middle School 
Boys' Basketball 

With the help of Coach Eric Lunding, 
the Middle School Boys' Basketball 
Team managed to have a great season 
in 1991. We worked every day after 
school, some of us going so far as to 
practice with the Upper School teams, 
and played about two games every 
week. As always, we had our share of 
wins and our share of losses, but no 
matter what happened, we always had a 
great time! 

1. Both teams were happy to discover that they 
shared a common interest in their penchant for 
imitating John Travolta. 2. A new form of wor- 
ship has been developed, that of the basketball 
net. 3. Soccer, anyone? . . . 


6th Grade: Back Row: Scott Leslie, Tom Heinz, Gavin McDonagh. Front Row: Da- 
vid Swaney, Liam Cavanaugh, Seth Greene, Jason Przbrylo, Brian Rohlen. 

7th and 8th Grade: Andy Richards, Danny Rosenberg, Gaby Levi, Peter Smey, Gus 
Kelpake, Jason Butler, John Whittlesey, Sean Butler, Drew Masur, Mark Beckwith, 

w: Courtney Bartlett, Angela Richardson, Brooke Bakalar, Kathleen Bren- 
eredith Lavender, Jessica Bakalar, Maggie Marzano; Front Row: Laura 
lenn Wolter, Whitney Brown, Dana Brown, Margit Zsolnay. 



School Girls' 


The Middle School Girls' team 
worked hard every day after school for 
an hour with Miss Madsen and Ms. 
Burbules helping us to improve our 
skills. We've had a fun, strong season, 
winning a few and losing a few. We 
have united and become one. We had 
an awesome team this year, and we 
hope next year's will be even better! 

— Meredith Lavender 

1. Smile for the camera!!! 2. Do all female Middle 
School basketball players always walk on their 
toes or something? 












N. Military 


Roosevelt (JV) 



Williams Bay 


Valley Lutheran 






Gordon Tech (JV) 



Lake Forest Academy 



South Beloit 



Season Record 10-1 






University High 


Francis Parker 




Lake Forest Academy 



Morgan Park Academy 




Francis Parker 


University High 


Lake Forest Academy 









Morgan Park Academy 
State Playoffs 


New Trier 
Season Record: 1-1-11 




Field Hockey 


rs Oj 
Lake Forest High School 




New Trier 



Francis Parker 






Lake Forest Academy 





Francis Parker 

Oak Park-River Forest 







Lake Forest Academy 






ISL Tournament (first place) 




Lake Forest Academy 




Lake Forest High School 





State Tournament (third place) 

Lake Forest High School 

Season Record: 12-10 



Francis Parker 



Lake Forest Academy 


Morgan Park Academy 

Season Record: 0-6 










Academy of the Sacred Heart: Win 

Merrilac: Loss 

Season Record: 7-6 









University High 





Morgan Park Academy 



Lake Forest Academy 












Morgan Park Academy 




University High 




Winter Scoreboard 

Varsity Boys' Basketball 

Girls' Varisty Basketball 








Holy Trinity 


University High 










Lake Forest Academy 





Ida Crown 





Morgan Park Academy 





Burlington Central 



University High 


Hebron Academy 



Lake Forest Academy 


North Boone 





Francis Parker 



Morgan Park Academy 










Francis Parker 


Saint Gregory's 








Saint Peter Paul 


Ida Crown 





University High 





Quigley North 





Lake Forest Academy 



University High 


Morgan Park Academy 



Francis Parker 


Francis Parker 



Morgan Park Academy 





Lake Forest Academy 








Holy Trinity 


X X „~U,ir*»-+ 


Season Record: 11-11 


Sharon Dole 
Administrative Assistant to Headmaster 

Deane Lanphear 

72 22ZLJ5? Sharon Cooper 
College Counselor 

Carolyn Howard 
Director of Admissions. Director of Financial Aid. 

Paul Maloney 
Director of Marketing 


William Hinchcliff 
Alumni Coordinator 

Zaro Bagheshian 
Assistant to Business Manager 


■ C3> 


Mary Elizabeth Hunt 
Administrative Assistant 

Joan Palm Johnson 

Nuiili nih!c Cnuiiln IhMSaf 

Nancy Jones Emrich 
Director of Development 


Anne Whittlesay 
Bellringer Coordinator 

Lorri Braidman 
Admissions Office Secretary Marketing 
Office Secretary 

Judy Alexander 
Development Office Secretary 

Roe Salzinski 
Library Asst. and Coordinator of Volunteers 

Jack Wolter 
Computer Science Head 

Irene Sheehan 

Lower School Faculty 

'"'iff irfftg • 


Mussy Geer 
Head of Lower School 

Susan Arthur 
Kindergarten Assistant 

Lynda Wood 
Kindergarten Head 

Linda Semel 
Kindergarten Art 

Patricia Washburn 
Kindergarten Head 

Carol Abelmann 

First Grade Head, Lower School 




Jennifer Pliska 

Sarah Opdycke 

Laura Hirschtritt 


Laura Galbraith 

Julia Simmons 

Benita Cervantes 

Shirley Cullen 

Brigid Rupp 

Mary Wagner 

Emily Denesha 

Linda Gibson 

» mirkor 77 

Middle School Faculty 

George Schumacher 
Head of Middle School 

Mary Roden 

Eighth Grade Head 

MS English and Social Studies 

Susan Gundlach 
MS English, Seventh Grade Head 

Doris Galbraith 

Sixth Grade Head 

MS English and Social Studies 

» , 

78 '"*•*' &£ Sherry Gormanous 
LS and MS Secretary 

MS Socia 

Lisa Hilbink 

Judy Tatar 
Learning Specialist 

Vanessa Kellerman 

Carol Ann Smith 

££ M1RJ)QB 7Q 

Jackie Melissas 
Middle and Upper School Art 

Danny Wallenberg 
Middle and Upper School Music 

Jay Fry 
Performing Arts Department Head 

Molly Burns 
Middle and Upper School Drama 

Arts Department 


John Almquist 

A „* T"\ . 


A1K' tancourt-Mullen 

Spar ,3,4, A.P. Spanish 

Adrienne Weisse 
French 2,3,4 


Shirley Smith 
Geometry, Algebra 2, Calculus, 
Mathematics Department Head 

Math Department 

Debra Goldwasser 
Algebra 1 


Beth Foster 
Geometry, Algebra 2, Precalculus 

'$$mS&^ ^a^ 

Jan Migaki 
Physics, Biology, AP Biology 

Mary Pat Hepp 
Trimester Science 

Martin "Mac" McCarty 

Don Iverson 

Richard "Dean" Sexton 
Chemistry, Science Department Head 


ijg MnaoR 8^ 

Michael Conroy 
World Civilizations 2 

Kevin Randolph 
U.S. History, A.P. U.S. History, World 
Civilizations, Social Studies Department 


I j 

" IJ ^M 

$jk m ' 

■$m vs * m 

S^^^""'"""' p '"'-■" 

9.A mt-» 53 

Michael Conroy 
12th Grade English, A. P. English 

Amy Peters 
10th Grade English, Journalism 


Geri French 
1 1 th Grade English 

Susan Gundlach 
9th Grade English, English Department Head 

BS MnmoR SS 

Physical Education 

Jay Bach 

Cai eria and Maintenance 

George Mitchell, Sr. 
Director of Transportation and Maintenance 

Evelyn Kruckenberg 
ARA Food Service Manager 

Cafeteria Staff 

George Mitchell, Jr. 
Assistant to Director of Transportation 

Maintenance Staff 

?a mutton »7 

The Kindergarten 

Senior Kindergarten is . . . 

. . . great! — Steve 
. . . fun. I like science. — Kristen 
I like . . . 

, . . the seniors. — Robert 
. SSR.— Paige 

. . the teacher. We love Morning Ex. — Naomi 

, . worktime. — Abby 

. . playing sports at recess. — Danny 
. gym class. — Cory 

. . Max. — Sam 

. . soccer. — Kris 

. . climbing. — Michael 

. . outside play and my friends. — Andrew 
. . . doing Art. — Beth 

. . music. — Mariana 

. . snack. — Annie 

. . Senior Kindergarten! — Megan and Adam 

Senior Kindergarten: Back Row: Mrs. Wood, Mrs. Arthur. Second Row: Kris Oldeen, Knsten McCurdy, Adam 
Patinkin, Annie Hambleton, Michael Velcich, Andrew Hill, Steve Cooperman. Third Row: Robert Dorr, Katie 
Costello, Danny Marx, Philip Martin, Megan Hill, Sam Rome, Abby Smith. Front Row: Henry Gaud, Kath- 
ryn Harragan, Mariana Gerolimatos, Paige Wilson, Beth Beidler, Naomi Tomiyama, Stephanie Gilmore, 
Cory Zuganelis. Absent: Christina Yoon. 

r ~± . 

* * 


at m 

1* N* 

Junior Kindergarten: Back Row: Mrs. Washburn, Mrs. Semel. Second Row: Ben Bezark. Chip Emrich, Ja- 
mie Maltman, Emily Herzberg, Rachel Newman. Third Row: Jack Meadow, Rebecca Lockhart, Kendall 
Wirtz, Edie McClenahan, Rebecca Ochs-Mercer. Front Row: Martha Petre, Megan Lepman, Ryan Ran- 
dolph, Clive Thompson, Brian Fisher, Alex Kerr. Absent: Sean Gilmore. 

The First Grade 

When asked about some of their memora- 
ble experiences in the first grade, these stu- 
dents had a wide variety of responses . . . 
"I like visiting the farm, riding the ponies, 
and feeding the goats." 
"My favorite thing was playing in the 
store, filling up bags with groceries and get- 
ting money from the cash register." 
"The Toy Shop was great! It was filled with 
all our favorite games and we could play 
with them every day." 
"I have always loved dinosaurs, so I liked 
reading and writing about them and mak- 
ing a dinosaur book." 
"Making a Viking ship was fun. First we 
read the Viking Book. Then we had a big 
box which we made into a ship and put a 
sail on it. We could do our reading and 
math in the ship." 

In the first grade, there are future: 
Biologists, gymnasts, violin teachers, po- 
licemen, doctors, ballerinas, hunters, ski 
patrol workers, and teachers. 

The First Graders have lots of different fa- 
vorites. They like: Science, reading, math, 
gym, printing, art, library, and recess; going 
to church, going to the Botanic Garden, 
and train rides; playing with their dogs, lis- 
tening to the radio, computers, playing vio- 
lin, and story time; gymnastics, skiing, 
games, balls, swimming, karate, hockey, 
and ice skating; Chanukah, animals, birth- 
days, toys, books, Christmas, and Chinese 


Back Row: Miss Galbraith, Jennifer Campbell, Bianca Acacia-Cosgray, Tamara Berkover, Taylor Bayless, 
Meredith Ochs-Mercer, Annabel Topham, Rachel Jaffe, Mrs. Abelmann. Second Row: Grace Hutchins, Taylor 
Kravitt, Ben Wallenberg, G.P. Searle, Scott Bridgman. Front Row: Jennifer Star, Kaitlin Cohen, Mark Postac- 
chini, Dana Meadow, Katherine Bearman, Randi Blechman. Absent: Dane Lundquist. 

The Second Grade 

Well, the second grade has once 
again had a busy year. What with 
performing in several concerts, for 
Morning Ex., special occasions 
(like the Winter Concert), and 
"Snow Magic," when we sang 
"Winter Wonderland," and taking 
lots of field trips, we've hardly 
had time for our schoolwork! We 
managed to make time though; we 
had fun, too! In social studies, we 
learned about America; we 
worked on reading, and writing 
stories and journals in Language 
Arts; and we learned how to tell 
time and work with bigger 
numbers in math. We had a great 
year — we hope Third Grade will 
be as much fun! 

qa Miir ss 

Back Row: Mrs. Pliska, Leigh Siegel, Jessica Newton, Miss Simmons. Second 
Row: Tori Cavanaugh, Talia Ullmann, Anna Goldman, Kristen Butler. Third 
Row: Steven RadlofT, C.W. McCullagh, George Gerolimatos, Erica Greene, 
Leigh Cross. Fourth Row: Ricky Dimon, Preeti Sukerkar, Katie Wilson, Venkat 
Motupalli. Fifth Row: Kevin Sexton, Eri Tomiyama, Andrew Syfu, Scott 
McClenahan, Rhodri Lane. Front Row: Fran Beidler, Paul Jameson, Jessie Ste- 
pan, Sarah Stein. Absent: Laura Sachs. 

The Third Grade 

The Third Grade has had a busy year. We jumped right 
in, and immediately began studying Colonial America, 
making candles, marbelizing paper, and learning about the 
leather works trade. Then, we started working on our win- 
ter projects — we had a great time writing and performing 
"Winter Rap" for the Lower School Holiday Program, 
"Snow Magic." At the same time, we had to learn the 
"Ya-ya Dance" for the Santa Claus Party — in short, we've 
had a very busy year, but we've had fun! 

Q6 gg »< ^ 


Back Row: Miss Columbo, Miss Hirschtritt. Second Row: Stuart Jernigan. Carl Hill, Emily Smith, Jennifer Brown, 
Shane Hoffman, Robert Wharton, Michael Lefton, Steve Bridgman, Andrew DeYoung, Alex Moffat, Charlie 
Drake, Michael Bauer. Third Row: Teddy Heinz, Molly Maloney, Zachary Hill, Nicole McCurdy, Louise Barrett, 
Emily Gaud, Scott Fisher, Lindsey Wolter. Front Row: Jennifer Marx, Chirag Chotalia, David Galvin, Alexis 
Contreas, Mindy Robin, Robbie Bearman, Stephanie Cervantes. 

The Fourth Grade 

There are far too many tales to 
tell about the 4th grade of 1990- 
91. Building cities, correcting 
DOL, writing in our Chandlers', 
and great oral reports are all parts 
of this year's story. Chapters have 
been written about trimming a 
real Christmas tree, making a zig- 
gurat, and closing the day with 
wind-up. Whether digging for arti- 
facts (here or on Michigan Ave- 
nue), reading The Cay and Bridge 
to Terabithia, or writing an infor- 
mation book, the tales of the 
fourth grade are awesome. 



Back Row: Mrs. Opdycke, James Mesic, Rajiv Patel, Michael Tatar, Whitaker Mills, Brett Ferguson, Anne 
Cavanaugh, Wick DeYoung, Samantha Darnell, Miss Blumenthal, Second Row: Matthew Meiners, Scott Rich- 
ards, Christopher Bartlett, Michael Brennan, Peter Dietrick, Jonathan Campbell, Cristina Gerstman, Eleanor 
Shaw. Front Row: Phillip Dimon, Emily Sola, Lindsay Hedge, Stacey Goldman, Carie Crane, Alison Leslie, 
Eyal Wallenberg, Alysoun Kegel, Katie Hutchins, Dan Snower. 


The Fifth Grade 

Oh, the memories we will have 
of Fifth Grade and the Lower 
School. We journeyed through 
time and space to join the Maya 
and ancient Greeks. Not only that, 
but along the way, we learned to 
be responsible leaders: we hosted 
Afternoon Ex., we visited our kin- 
dergarten buddies, and we learned 
from each other. Most important, 
though, was the time we spent be- 
ing friends and growing up. 

im mm aa 

Back Row: Miss Goldman, Abby Dixon, Kristin Searle, Anna Patel, Greg Erickson, David Goldman, Jordan 
Levinson, Katherine Hirsch, Bradley Price, Wilkie Shaw, Mrs. Cervantes. Second Row: Ari Levi, Jonathon 
Syfu, Jeremy Hill, Michelle Butler, Matthew Campbell, Josh McConnell, Robert Cohen. Front Row (Sitting): 
Adam Cordell, Billy Newton, Sarah Beidler, Katherine Reinert, Stephanie Star, Alison Widmer, Colleen Sex- 
ton. Absent: Andrew Bridgman. 

gS MB80R 1 ft 1 

The Sixth Grade 

Sixth Grade is a year of transition, both for students who 
have come to us from Lower School, and for many who 
arrive from other schools. Many new and different exper- 
iences, therefore, await the sixth graders. 


. . . being responsible, not being treated like a baby, and 
going to socials. 

. . . having tons of homework, getting test results back, 
and getting grades. 

. . . having lots of good friends, being in homerooms, and 
loving the teachers. 

. . . having fun in class and sports, and playing soccer and 

. . . having more freedom and being able to go almost any- 
where for lunch. 

. . . being the youngest in a school again and inter-acting 
with the hamster. 

. . . going on an overnight trip and going skiing as a field 

. . . having science contracts, cleaning animal cages, and 
dissecting a heart. 

. . . sculpting in art, learning typing skills in computer, 
and writing. 

. . . having breakfast with the barbarians. 

. . . being able to chew gum and having soft drinks for 

. . . making decisions, visiting the Newbery Library, and 
writing diaries. 

. . . being a Middle Schooler for the first time. 

im i»»*-»i 

something is 
Jef t out . 

Back Row: Brian Rohlen, Ginny Wharton, Whitney Brown, David Swaney, Gabe Edidin, 
Paul Yoon, Gavin McDonagh, Tom Heinz, Michael Wolf. Second Row: Eliza Durbin, Andrea 
Moffat, April Krieger, Robert Wienke, Allegra Rosberg, Hillary Wirtz, Seth Greene, Nick 
Brown, Liam Cavanaugh. Front Row: Cary McQueen, Katy Drake, Luke Bakalar, Jeremy 
Robin, Jason Przbrylo, Jonathon Bean, Chris Dattels. Absent: Scott Leslie, Jaren Phemister. 

S MHUtOH 1 flS 

The Seventh Grade 

Meet the 7th graders of 1990-91 

We get up sometime between 4:30 and 
7:00 a.m. What music do we like? Poison, 
Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, The 
Grateful Dead, The Doors, The Beatles, 
U2, R.E.M., classical, contemporary, jazz, 
and rap. Our favorite movies include Star 
Wars, Dead Poets Society, Top Gun, Look 
Who's Talking, Misery, Total Recall, One 
Magic Christmas, and Father Goose. We 
like all kinds of sports: field hockey, soft- 
ball, swimming, skiing, volleyball, bad- 
minton, sailing, football, soccer, and hock- 
ey. If we could spend the whole day doing 
as we like, we would sleep, read, go to the 
Art Institute, play sports, be with friends, 
watch TV, and shop at the army surplus 
store. We are concerned about the envir- 
onment — rain forests, greenhouse effect, 
toxic pollution, the ozone clean layer, wa- 
ter recycling, the whales, and landfills. 
Other issues we think are important are 
world peace, AIDS, drugs, justice, educa- 
tion, racism, and homelessness. For qua- 
lity reading, we recommend Island of the 
Blue Dolphins, Bo Knows Bo, Fallen Angel, 
Caddie Woodlawn, The Thombirds, Gone 
With the Wind, Jacob Have I Loved, The 
Red Badge of Courage, John Christopher 
sci-fi, Stephen King novels, John Bellairs 
mysteries, and "Calvin and Hobbes." 


Back Row: Mrs. Gundlach, Miss Hooper, Andy Lurie, Mika Hosono, Elizabeth Eden, Hadley Lewis, 
Annie Pinkert, Susan Pope, Nikola Kravitt, Shameka Manning, Meredith Lavender, Jenn Wolter, 
Dana Brown, Ellen Berry, Angela Krieger, Rupal Malani, Devon Levy, Rashi Dhanda. Second Row: 
Morgan Campbell, Brian Diamond-Falk, Mac Dunbar-Bickmore, Brooke Price. Front Row: Chris 
Tynan, Sean Butler, Joe Fortunato, Chris Wang, Lucas Mills. Danny Rosenberg, Peter Smey, Scott 
Fields, Gordon Humme, John Whittlesey, Mark Beckwith, Robert Concepcion. Absent: Louis Brown, 
John Marshall. 


The Eighth Grade 

We have discovered that Eighth Grade is unlike 
any other year in the Middle School. We learned 
more, we grew, we laughed, and we cried. We had 
to bear more responsibility, but most of all we 
really had fun! We learned all about Africa, China, 
and India in Social Studies and English. In 
Science, we learned all about pollution, weather 
and our environment. Some students took an Al- 
gebra class, while others learned informal Geome- 
try and Introductory Algebra. 

There's more to Eighth Grade than academics, 
though. We became closer to our old friends and 
even made friends we hadn't known too well be- 
fore. Our class became very close because of the 
overnight trip we took to Timberlee, where we 
learned to trust our peers, and also learned more 
about ourselves as individuals and as a class. 

— Kim Siske 


Back Row: Kathleen Brennan, Hope Cristol, Brooke Bakalar, Melanie Lewis, Kim Siske, Liz Houston, 
Carolyn Passino, Angela Richardson, Jessica Bakalar, Vanessa Price, Laura Leahy, Courtney Bartlett. 
Second Row: Drew Masur, Mark Meiners, Nat Durbin, Jason Butler, Maggie Marzano, Margit Zsolnay, 
Andy Richards, Anne Dorr, Jared Michaels, Dan Wirtz. Front Row: Stacey Jackson, Erin Sexton, Cathy 
Luft, Jamie Ferguson, Henley Shotwell, Gaby Levi, Gus Kalpake, Jack Delaney. 

MIRROR 1 09 







;. ■<$&,««« 

Back Row: Elizabeth Oxley, Marnie Wienke, Elizabeth Bensinger, Carin Healy, Katie Whittlesey, Alyssa Poolos, Michil 
Hanover, John Frank, Seth Feldman. Second Row: Chad Charowhas, Kristopher Baade, Katie Davis, Jen Hall, Mack AfahaS 
Eugene Kuznetsov. Front Row: Carrie Goldstein, Tamara Littles, Hope Jelinek, Nadra Kareem, Jill Kiphart. Absent: Elizabeth 
Oxley, David Plazas, Marnie Wienke, Robyn Williams. 

11? 1»0-9I ftS 


With only seven people returning from the eighth 
grade, this year's freshman class was made up of new 
people coming in from other schools. It took a long 
time to get to know everyone, but the trip we took to 
Southern Illinois really helped us get acquainted, and 
we had a great time. The Class of 1994 has come to- 
gether well, and we're all looking forward to our next 
three years! 

— Katie Whittlesey 



Back Row (Standing): Stephanie Crumpton, Angeline Brown, James Moses, Tom Brooks, Jon Hart, Pam Netzky, Whitney Gor : 
ham, Scott Shlaes, Beth Jacobs, Greg Jacobs, Gary Meltz, Erwin Godoy, Tom Rankin. Middle Row (Sitting): Blake Gordon, 
Alexandra Roginsky, Erick Sosa, Kathy Wolbach, Kelli Stebel, Lisa Rosen, Benjie de la Fuente, Sean Pressman. Front Row (Sit 
ting): Alexis Copland, Eric Gannon, Loren Berry, Stefanie Freeman, Betty Fisher. Absent: Todd Heinz. Ilya Shukham, Jason 
Westlund, Justin Wood. 


We are the Sophomore Class. We have out- 
grown the infinite immaturities and hardships 
that are always associated with Freshman Year. 
However, we still have some things to learn- 
— but not much. We do our best to set a good 
example for the little newcomers. We enjoy our 
newly acquired authoritarian position and hope 
to touch the lives of many Freshmen in years to 
come. — Angeline Brown and Benjie de la 

ftSMiraoR n s 





Back Row: Michaela Murphy, LeHa Quach, Dan Berenberg, Joanna Tepper, Fredrik Gunnardo, Tavarian Dinkms, Hide Hosono. 
Estelle Campos, Seth McCuIloch, Owen Gerst, T.C. Whiting, Danny Cogan, Missy Wemstrom, Kazuhiro Shibuya, Akiko 
Chizawa, Maciej Caglowski, Anna Buck, Amanda Bailey. Second Row: Robyn Goldman, Carrie Berkowitz, Ale J_evi, Casey Phi- 
lips, Emily Gomberg, Carter Frank, Bryan Resendiz, Matt Smey, From Row: Glady(i)s Granados, Gigi Farah, Anne Bridgman, 
Tory Richardson, Jessy Braun, Tina Puschavre. 

Okay, we won't lie to you. Junior year has 
not always been fun. What with PSATS, 
ACTS, SATS, AP'S and the like, there have 
been times when we were convinced that we 
were all going to Random Technical Insti- 
tute. However, when we weren't busy being 
stressed over these things, we had a blast. We 
all had a great time on our trip to Covenant 
Harbor, even if Mrs. Foster wouldn't put her 
camera down. Planning Prom drew us even 
closer — yelling and screaming at the people 
you all but live with can really be a bonding 
experience. At any rate, next year, we will be 
. . . SENIORS. And we plan on enjoying it. 

as MnutoB 1 1 7 



Back Row: Haruka Shibuya, Stuart Lax, Andrew James, Jake DiFrancesca, Maximo Chehin, Barry Zgonena, Philipp Schmid 
Peter Spier. Second Row: Andrew Boron, Zach Oelerich, Joe Shenton, Brian Crane, Alecia Hampton, Steven Timoner, Jos 
Quinn, Danny Beider, Liza Michaels, Laura Collins, Geordie Frey, Tripp Frank. Third Row: Nick Battaglia, Bela Agrawal, Yo< 
Kyung Kim, Aisling McDonagh, Kris Gardiner, Mary Brinkman. Front Row: Chelby Hobson, Steve Willis, Randall Maconach; 
Bennett Darrow, Denis Healy, Sarah Crawford, Lili Neves, Virginie Mahillon, Becky Cutler, Kate Kehoe, Gretchen Theder 
Tomoko Chizawa, Ed Coleman, Rob McClung. Absent: Ashely Hemphill, LeTrinh Quach, Nicole Rousseau, Jenny Stone. 

After getting off to a rather rough start, 
this year's senior class rose to the occasion 
and proved ourselves to be a class of leaders. 
By stating this, I'm not necessarily suggesting 
that you should model your children after us. 
What I am saying is that . . . well, I don't 
know what I'm saying. Anyhow, "extreme 
diversity" would be the two words to use 
when describing this class. With some 
Americans, Germans, Brazilians, Argenten- 
ians, Belgic people (or whatever they're 
called), people from Waukegan, Arlington 
Heights, Detroit, Waterloo, Nice . . . wait a 
minute! Well, you could say that we're very 
culturally diversified. As we go off to our re- 
spective (or non-respective) colleges, we 
know that we've left our mark which will re- 
main forever in the spirited halls of North 
Shore. I'm not exactly sure what that mark 
is, but I'm sure we'll leave it nonetheless. 

?S MIKItOR 1 1 Q 

Exchange Students 

This year, we were fortunate enough to welcome five exchange student; 
into our North Shore family: Seniors Maximo Chehin from Argentina, Vir 
ginie Mahillon from Belgium, Liliane Neves from Brazil, and Jan Philipl 
Schmidt from Germany, and Junior Fredrik Gunnardo from Sweden. Al 
five of these talented students have been wonderful additions to the school 
and everyone at North Shore will certainly be sorry to see them go. Thei; 
presence has been highly valued by the entire school community and w< 
would all like to wish them the best of luck in their future lives! 

Lifers ... or close to. 

Although none of us have been at North Shore all thirteen years, Danny 
Beider, Denis Healy, Ashley Hemphill, and I have certainly been around for 
a long time. From our first days in lower school to our final days as seniors, 
North Shore has given to us happy, sad, and strenuous times. We would like 
to thank those many teachers who made those times so memorable. We will 
all be happy when graduation comes, but we will regret leaving a wonderful 
part of our lives. — Robert McClung 

gg HUMOR 1 9 1 

Senior Prophecies 

After being accepted to every college she applied to, 
Bela Agrawal had a severe nervous breakdown and 
ended up attending the Wilfred Beauty Academy. 

Nicholas Battaglia has been inducted into the NFL Hall 
of Fame for being the fastest Running Back in the 
NFL — he credits his success to his multi-colored span- 
dex pants which provide exceptional drag coefficience. 

Danny Beider has recently released his first album enti- 
tled "I'm OK, You're OK, But I'm Really Cool." 

Andrew Boron had to scrap his ideas of being an artist 
when he concluded that he actually hated all of his 

Mary Brinkman married Denis Webster, heir to the 
Webster dictionary bonanza, namely for the purpose of 
adding schnooger, schnoodle, snotty, (censored), (cen- 
sored), (censored), and (censored) to the English lan- 

When People magazine named Maximo Chehin "The 
Ideal Latin Lover," he commented, "I guess Mr. Wal- 
lenberg was right ... I really was corrupted in Amer- 

Tomoko Chizawa recently confessed that she was the 
one who had stolen keys from the pizza counter cash 
register at The House on the Rock in Wisconsin; when 
asked for comment, she exclaimed, "I'm just a rebel at 

Ed Coleman has established himself as a local merchant 
in Spring Green, Wisconsin, with a chain of health-food 
stores named, "Let the Party Live On." 

Laura Collins has signed on with the Mitsubishi Com- 
pany in order to be closer to her blue sub-compact. 

Guitarist Brian Crane recently shocked the music world 
when he agreed to play a charity concert consisting en- 
tirely of Barry Manilow music. 

The last time we talked to Sarah Crawford she was try- 
ing to begin a career as a writer but the editors said her 
style of writing was unorthodox so she asked why and 
they said because you never use commas or other punc- 
tuation so she decided to write a book and it just came 
out and it's called The Art of Writing Run-On Sentences. 

Becky Cutler was recently banished from the spiritual 
commune she had joined in Nevada when she was 
found wearing a red lace teddy and circulating an un- 
derground newspaper entitled "Dr. Ruth Speaks ..." 
So, she went to Las Vegas and became a dance hall girl. 

Bennett Darrow when asked about having established 
his first technical backstage theater school in Maho Bay, 
responded, "Well, ream me, why don't you?" 

Professional golfer Jake DiFrancesca was recently seen 
on the course in jeans — when asked why, he explained 
that he had left his plaid pants in the Senior Home- 

Tripp "Crazy Mama" Frank had earned the honor of 
being the highest paid Chippendale in history, until he 
got arrested for getting "out-of-hand" at a show. 

After attending Vanderbilt University, Geordie Frey 
went on to be one of Channel 38's most profitable tele- 
vangelists; puh-raise the Lord, varmin, varmin, varmin, 
the world's covered with varmin! 

During a recent press conference for her new book, Yay! 
The World Smiles With You, Kris Gardiner unexpected- 
ly shrieked, "I'm in a bad mood, okay?! Leave me 

Alecia Hampton recently went through a severe identity 
crisis; when the paramedics found her, she was mutter- 
ing, "Raspberry . . . Pumpkin . . . Marshmallow . . . I'm 
going to kill you, Geordie . . . Blueberry . . . Straw- 
berry . . . 

Denis Healy, after being named the GQ Man of the 
Year, recorded a cover of "Dedicated Follower of Fa- 
shion," by The Kinks. 

Ashley Hemphill, who married a shoe salesman and 
settled down in a little house in Omaha, has been 
named Mother of the Year by Good Housekeeping; and 
cried, "I guess it's just because I love the little tykes!" 

After being spotted on "Star Search," Cheryl Hobson 
quickly earned great recognition as a singer, and is al- 
ready being called the next Sarah Brightman. 

'Andrew James humor' has taken the country by storm, 
with posters and T-Shirts saying "Volleyball? I don't 
even know her!" and "You love it . . . eww, eww, eww." 

Rolling Stone photojournalist Katherine Kehoe was 

sighted at the People's Choice Awards last month with 
her current boyfriend, Snake; the couple looked ador- 
able, clad in matching black leather ensembles. 

Violinist Yoo-Kyung Kim has decided to make her stage 
name "Yooks," seeing as people rarely spell Yoo-Kyung 
right, anyway. 

199 i»»«-»i gg 

Jimmy Page impersonator Stuart Lax has been com- 
mended for volunteering at a children's museum during 
his spare time — it seems that he sits on the ground 
while the kids pull at his trademark corkscrew curls and 
watch them go boing. 

Randall Maconachy disappointed followers all over the 
world when he cut his hair for the first time in 
years — he commented, "I didn't think they really 
thought I looked like Jesus Christ!" 

Virginie Mahillon returned to America after becoming 
a social outcast in Belgium for not having enough skin 
showing; she was accused of becoming a conservative 
American after being seen in an ankle-length white 

Rob McClung showed up at the 10-year reunion with 
black leather pants and a girlfriend named Desiree on a 
Harley. He explained that he was sick and tired of his 
"Michael J. Fox image." 

Aisling McDonagh had to be institutionalized when she 
discovered that she wasn't really Irish; she learned that 
there was a problem at the hospital, and her real par- 
ents were from Timbuktu. 

During a tremendous power-outage, Liza Michaels dis- 
covered just how bright her smile really is. 

Upon being elected President of Brazil, Liliane Neves 
was heard crooning, "I looove you! I looove you! to her 
fans in her first presidential address. 

Mystery novelist Zach Oelerich won a Pulitzer Prize for 
his novel, Whoa, What a Totally Bitchin' Hot Mystery, 

introducing his main character, Bob-whoa, what a 

LeTrinh Quach is working at the Social Security Office 
in Washington, D.C. researching lost and invalidated 
Green Cards. 

In a surprise move, retired opera singer Joshua Francis 

Quinn has accepted a job with the Home Shopping 

Nicole Rousseau recently invested a great deal of mon- 
ey in Valium; when asked why, she squealed, "Dude! I 
just thought I should calm down, babe!" 

After attending a communications school in America, 
Philipp Schmidt became the star and host of his own 
game show, "Was 1st Das Uber Mier," in which the 
contestants try to guess who is sitting on them, 

Joseph Shenton (now known simply as Joeshenton) re- 
cently went bankrupt when he agreed to pay back ever- 
ything he ever owed anyone at North Shore — the figure 
was estimated at being somewhere in the billions. 

Haruka Shibuya finally proved that there is a sport that 
she cannot play when she placed 49th in a Celebrity 
Bowling for Dollars Tournament. 

Peter Spier disagrees with his senior prophecy. 

Up-and-coming designer Jennifer Stone has just intro- 
duced her fall line, "I Can't Believe People Pay Money 
For This Stuff." 

Activist Gretchen Theders has not been seen or heard 
from in several weeks, having been in mourning since 
Wolfgang, her VW Bug, broke down for the last time. 

AM 1000 has just introduced "Ask Steve," a new talk 
show in which callers confront Steve Timoner with their 
most trivial to their most personal problems; after an 
overwhelming response to his telling one caller, "You're 
so stupid," the station manager concluded that his star- 
tling "honesty" would become his trademark. 

Designer Steve Willis shocked the Class of '91 when he 
put in an appearance at the Reunion wearing dirty jeans 
and an old sweatshirt. 

New York Times Editor Barry Zgonena was recently 
heckled for refusing to pull the Iroc-Z ads from his pa- 

jg MiBUoa J23 

— Thanks 


Bela Agrawal 


Um . . . guys? 
Let's do bumpy! 


There's nothing better we could do 
than live forever. — INXS 

So what's your point? — me 

— Lenny Kjavitz 

See? My nose has always been big! 

Close your eyes, let your spirit start to soar! And 
you'll live as you've never lived before. 
— The Phantom of the Opera 

Don't be shy — show some thigh! — Nikki 

Bye-bye . . 

Nicholas W. Battaglia 

We're Havin' Meatballs/Why don't you just shut up!/I don't like them 
stringy things?Yo Zack! DA-FK!/Yougoofy lookin JAKJE/Hey Brian, guess 
what?Yo Sarkis, you got Ribs?/Punkk Kids FUFU/I'm gonna drop you like 
a ton a bricks!/Zack, that play will never go for a touchdown/I say shaheeit, 
thank-you Amen Brothu/Does your face hurt, Ash?/I got a present for 
you!/By the way, I always let you win!!!/Hey Baby — Hey Honey — Yah 
we're talkin!! T.C./Bnan/Greg/Benji/Schlitz Dinkins/Elway/Cogan(Be nice 
to Whitney)/Carter/Tory/Gigi/Emily/Jessey K.C./Carin/Katie/Lizzy/Lisa/ 
Mr. Bubble. 




I know there are some people I can tell what 1 
think, there are some people I can tell how I 
feel. — First Instinct 

Thanks to all of my 
family who have sup- 
ported and always will 
support me. Thanks 
also to my friends, you 
know who you are. 

I love you, you 
know who you 

Id , 

nol a resort ho- 
— Mr. Kramer 

You should pray nothing bad happens to you, 
'cause it won't cross your mind till you have 
to cry. — First Instinct 

Diddle-di, Diddle-dum.— Dad 

We're probably the 
most modest people in 
the world. — Danny 
and Brian 


- Denis 



Strip shows have 
some artistic val- 
ue. — Mr. Ingram 

Bar Mitzvah Shuffle. — Mom, 
Kelly, Jackie 

L* • *L^iKi!*%*«#» 

«<& .MfU KJft- " 1 

IT m 

^i tjEi 

*/> "" 

-■* i. 

C rowded 
House. Car- 
Pixies, Jcllv- 
r i s h , 
H o r n s b y , 
Beatles, etc. 

D.B.. J.N. D.H.. R.McC. T.F.. C.F., ST., B.dlF.. 

BR. B.C., G.F., P.S.. E C. J.S. Z.O.. T.R., N.B.. 

A.J., S.W., J.D., S.L. R.M., A.H.. A.McC, K.K.. 

G.T.. I.C.. MB.. .0.. L.M., M.C., J.T., B.C., K.G. 

Not everyone can 
cans the weight 
of the world. 
Talking about the 
— R.E.M. 

Andrew Boron 









— The Police (King of Pain) 




The mass of men lead lives of quiet 

— Henry David Thoreau 
"I know well what I am fleeing from but not 
what I am in search of." 

— Michel de Montaigne 
"I am a part of all that I have read." 

— John Kieran 
"Game, my ***. Some game. If you get on the 
side where all the hot-shots are, then it's a game, 
all right — I'll admit that. But if you get on the 
other side, where there aren't any hot shots, then 
what's a game about it? Nothing. No game." 

— Holden Caulfield 
"If your going to go to war against the System, 
just do your shooting like a nice, intelligent 
girl — because the enemy's there, and not because 
you don't like his hairdo or his damn necktie." 

— Zooey Glass 
"And now play me something." 

— Ring Lardner 

Mary Katherine 

Schnoodle 'n Schnooger forever*Kill the hot 
tub*What is this B.S. that keeps dropping on 
my car?*Fm green*John F. Travolta*Chinese 
writing*You'll get over it*Liberating*Well 

Beck, it's not a piano*Hell in Spring Green*House on a Rock*Monopoly and 
The Game of Life*Pepe's*Party, chill, party*8-2-5 off! 8-2-5 off!*Chicago's 
Greatest Hits*Mush*Ruprect*Gunther Murphy's*Bessy McD*Blue subcompact 
*Guiness and harp*We're the squad from hell and we don't take from no one 
*Prom 1 990*Marine Bio*Madonna and J.T.*French tape rules*TCBY and 
Sarkis*Ugly hair*Burger flicking*Putney bunch*Wauwa*Ride on time — WA*I 
know dat*Unicorn dance*Rollerblading*Jeff the Rapist*A.L.S.O.B.*Robert the 
Pizza-Eating Freak*Don't you wanna give me a ride?*Do you know what I 
mean? Do you?*Immersion*Kenilworth snobs*TP-ing*It's only me* Are you go- 
ing to kill me and throw me in the forest?*"Memories"*Apple picking*Oh my 
God, take me now*Keening*Harlem Candy 

Mr. Big Bo 

Don't look back. 

Don't be scared. 

We've got dreams 

And we're still young. 

Just think of 

How far we've come 

Think of all 

That we have shared. 

It's a wonder we've 


But here we are. 

And we're alive. 

Can we hold on alone? 

We're hopeful and it's 


So years from now, 

somewhere down life's 

We'll remember . . . 

Just one last time. 

Whenever I see your smiling face, I 
have to smile myself, 'cuz I love you. 


"False friends 
are like pebbles 
and found 
irue friends 
are like diamonds, 
precious and rare-" 
— Virginie Berron 

Keep smiling. 
Keep shining. 
Knowing you can 
always count on me. 
For sure, that's what 
friends are for. 

Dad. Mom, David, Grampa, Gramma, Aisling, Denis, Geordie, Cogan, Jake, Rob, Laura, Liza, Dannv. Kris. Beckv. Gretrhen Kat<* Virginie. 
Cann (Gorby), Brian, Bryan, Joanna, Carrie, Heidi, Lexi, Emily, Katie C, Andrew A., and Thank 

you for being you. Thank you for everything ... I love you. 

Maximo Chehin 

Tomoko Chizawa 

Edward L. Coleman 

Franko— YO YO— FOO FOO Tripp Frank, Z-MAN— Zack Oeler- 
ich, Ho Ho— Joe Shenton, Nick Battaglia, Jay— Kay— Jake Di- 
Francesca, Greg Jacobs, Bryan Resendiz, T.C. Whiting, Carin Healy, 
Spider — Andrew James, Dan Beider, Rob McClung, Dan Cogan, 
Crunch — Josh Quinn, Travarian Dinkins, Brems — Jr — Chris 
Bremer, Dirtball — Randall Wood, Pizza — Doug Milks, Daws— Grant 
Dawson, Ashley Hemphill, Becky Cutler, Emily Gomberg, Denis 
Healy, Katie Whittlesey, Jenny Stone, Casey Philips, Gigi, Tina, 
Gretchen Theders, Kate Kehoe, Aisling McDonagh, Mary Brinkman, 
The Fry Guy — Geordie Frey, For Those Who I Forgot: Sorry. 




May the party live on 

MOOK FAST EDDIE, Beware THE GROPER Homecoming 90, Spring 

Green Never Heard of it. So long G-MAN, You FOO FOO, Pain is 
Fleeing Victory is forever. Winning isn't Everything, it's the Only 

Laura Kimberly 

Wawa*Don 1 t you want to give me a ride?*Blue subcom- 
pact — Powder Blue — Bessie — Silver — Thumper(RIP) — 
Beckstermobile — Uboat*Do you know what I mean? Do 
you?*Bruise Fest '90*1 love guys they're everywhere! — 
This place is dripping with . . . *Cheap, good, and pret- 
ty*McDonagh rules of the road at the Collins School of 

8-2-5 off! Susan and Burl Mi- 
chaels! l-7-0*Clcar and Cordelia 
die! Buzzkill*Libcraiing*Liza 
Dance*Prom: ihc overrated c\- 
pcricncc*Touch Mr. Happy 
* Forget it. you're jusi a sopho- 
morc*Wcll Becky, it's nol a 
piano*Oh my God! Take mc 
now . . . *"Thcse arc the days lo 
hold on to; 'cause we won't al- 
though we want to." 

— B.J.* 

M - tF^wtl 

i , XdH 


Hi2?X * PI 

What is that? It says AT&T, it must be 

a phone*Party, chill, party*Pepe's for party favors*J.F.T 

Work/play apparel*Creative Driving*Just 'cause 
they're coke addicts, thieves, and vandalists doesn't mean they're not nice guys*Jeff the Rapist*What. are you 
going to kill me and throw me in a forest?*I was feeling kind of sea- 


B*" ^i 

«L. ; -v- -^^H 

K. A 

w< 1 

Rl ■ ' JM ' 


: 0S 


/ ™ 

"Hi," it said. "Hi," said the piece. 
"Are you anybody else's missing 
piece?" "Not that I know of." 
"Well, maybe you want to be your 
own piece?" "I can be someone 
else's and still be my own." "Well 
maybe you don't want to be mine." 
"Maybe I do." "Maybe we won't 
fit ..." "Well ..." 


He's old enough to know what's 
right, but young enough not to 
choose it. 


All we are is dust in the 
wind. — Kansas 

Is it true what 1 hear, when the angels sing, they 
can spread out their voices, but can't spread their 

— First Instinct 

The world is indeed a stag, and 
we are merely players, per- 
formers, and portrayers. 

— Rush 

Always have a dream and Believe it 

will come true. 

Strive to make it happen in 

Everything you do. 

For dreams are what Make life 

worth living. 

Dreams keep life from Being 


They lift up your spirit and Keep it 


Lounsbery L 

Crawford I 

Be yourself: 
one can ever t 
you you're d 
ing it WRONl 

To err is human, but when your eraser runs out before your pencil does, 
you have got a problem. 


Never do tomorrow what can be postponed indefinitely 

Rebecca Lynn Cutler 

"What's done cannot be undone." — Lady MacBeth 

"You can blow out a candle but You can't [ gotta go put on 

blow out a fire, Once the flames begin to m y nightie. — me 
catch The wind will blow it higher." 

— Peter Gabriel 

Pretty Woman/Ernie RIP/Thumper 
RIP/Bessie/Blue-sub/Cheap, good, and pretty 

Well Becky, it's not a piano— Kris/I'm not that 
strong a swimmer yet/Blues Fest '90: I love boys, 
they're everywhere!— me; Yeah, this place is dripping 
with . . . — Laura/Victoria's Secret — I know it!/Ex- 
ploring nature in my back yard. They're all named 
Brian/My God, everybody's got to play doctor.— 
JDI/Greg will you ... oh never mind, you're just a 
sophomore/All we have to do is get through July/ 
VOBS '89— shall we do it in the bushes?/SPAM 
SPAM SPAM/Benching can be fun if you do it right/ 
Paula Abdul lied/Mr. Happy/It's not stolen, it's liber- 
ated/You big Raider 

"Never again was what you 
swore the time before." — De- 
peche Mode 

It's time I 
reclaimed my heart 

"Find a way to my heart and I wil 
always be with you." — Phil 

Desire makes life more interesting 

"This is Elgin, what else do they have to 
do but run into each other with their 
cars?" — Ashley 

s* Jk 


now available 



The fierce suburban jungle, where we live by 
wits and our spiffy suspenders. 


Hangin' out with my Algerian mercenary budd 

Can you spot the two cross-dressing Spaniards 
in this picture? 

Happy days at the Auberge de 
la Toilette Suspendu. 

Why does man kill? He kills 
for food. And not only for 
food, frequently there must 
be a beverage. 

Randall and I were gonna sack Windsor, but 
barbarian horde was in the shop. 

"Once you can accept the 
universe as matter ex- 
panding into nothing that 
is something, wearing 
stripes with plaid comes 
easy." — Einstein on cloth- 

"When Renoir spoke of 
light and dark he meant 
the translucent imagery of 
shapes and emotions pat- 
terning themselves into, 
light . . . When I speak 
of light and dark I mean 
toast." — Howard Johnson 

Uncle Bertram was 50 feet high — 46 
after taxes. 


We have nothing to fear but cottage cheese. 
— F.D.R.'s fireside chat, rough draft 

Sreasy Ben did Ins ruffianly men 

llloping along to llosic's place 

tcr aiid seedy, good-for-nothing, pn 

Soon after birth, I began pon- 
dering the vogaries of human 

All I ever really needed to kno\ 
learned in Proto-Euclidean Grav 


Jake Di Francesca 

I don't look like Benny*the cool group*why don't you shut up?*The 
Class of 91 made the party live on*Ed, I foo-food*Sinara*The Fran- 
ko*Spider*Hi NickiTve got chocolate* Ah Crunch*Yo Yo*Gigi huh! 
*Chapin dude*Hey A*They're animals*Don't forget the luggage* 
Robby the middle man*Hey cool*Cool II*The grumpy old Mag- 
gie*Uta Buta, Bam Bam*Oh Ashley, I love you*Sarkis*Rob, I still 
owe you a Loretta*OK!*Mary puked in my face*I'm not a flirt, that's 
just the way I am*Who's gonna be all conference?*Puddy nose*Don't 
bull shtein me*We all know who the real punter is*Wayne Gretzky's 
brother*Schmeltz, who's Schmeltz?*Becky you smoke?*Harlem Can- 
dy*Oh baby I like this* 

Goods*T-Bone*Cool*Cool II*Mono*Gigi Huh*Beth*AH*Chapin 
Dude*Dan C*Beider*Man*Joe*Ed*Liza*Kris *Glen*Ellen*Elizabeth 
*Carin *Katie*Marnie*Eric*Rez* C*what what*Greg*Mags doll 
*Becky*Crunch*Eye Ball*Kleenex *Denis*Kate*Gretch*Flem*Suzi & 
BilPMom and Dad 

The Cool Group 

Clinton Edward Frank III 

Geordie E. Frey 

KRISTEN fcLlZAlifclri 

Ling and Kris . . . BFF! Florida Spring Break '90!/unicorn dance w/Mary/Big 
Red/Carry me/You're that clever shark/Hey . . . You!/TCBY rules/Tee- 
peeing '89/Hot tub plans/making cookies/making dinner/REM concert- 
slept/Sauk Valley '88/cookie dough/bikinis/Kris — you are short/I love you 
Ling!!/! will miss youl Always remember "Bachelor Party"! 


Kate, Gretch, den and I! (Fall '89) 

P r o m '90 

Becky — "I'm not that strong a swimmer", "I know you" etc etc 
Becky, it's not a piano!" 

I love you 

Lisa, Angeline. Ale, Benji, Scott, Greg, Gigi, Emily G, Beth J, 
Geordie, Josh, Kath W/Carin— Buddy, Elizabeth, Marnie, Ka- 
tie. Stacey E, Susan L, — I'll miss you Guys!/Benchers — 
BC/LM/KG/Moot Crust/Gretch— I miss — SO much!"/Geor- 
die — Yeah!/Danny C — I'm on the other line!/House on a 

Thanks mom. dad. and Lauren for c\e 
mg. 1 lo\c >ou all so much 1 "Pcanul" 1 

'Yeah." "I'm alive." Squirrel Pup- 

Thanks for all the love and support — for without you none of this could' ve been possi- 
ble. — Love, Lisa 

My brother was an angel — nowadays 

Life is a play! Tis not its length, but its performance that 

—Seneca (We love you Earl Wright III, 1971-1989) 
Be your best self. — Dexter S. King 

The world is full of people who have never, since childhood, 
met an open doorway with an open mind. — E.B. White 
Time is infinite movement without one moment of rest. — 
Leo Tolstoy 

True love is like a ghost; everybody talks about it but few 
have seen it. — La Rochefoucauld 

If the rhythm feels good to ya baby, let me hear ya 
say . . . (T.T.T.) 

I could be most anything, there is so much to see/I'd 
live a different story if you were next to me! — Erasure 
Rot gut! — Stephanie 

ITS A BLACK THANG!!/Don't make me go through changes or 

jump through hoops. — J.C./I don't want to be here, I don't want to 

be there— alone.— M.C./Thought it was me that made the girl this 

way, come to find out she's like that every day. Thought it was me 

that made the girl so wild, come to find she's like that with all the 

g U y S . — B.B.D./Don't forget your bodybag. — Lisa and Steph/Children 

are called the future of an adult world. They are born with spirits so 

innocent 'til we teach them how to hate. Livin' in a world we didn't 

make, in a world that's filled with hate, in a world where grown-ups 

break the rules. Livin' in a world we didn't make, payin' for a lot of 

adult mistakes, how much madness can we take as children. 

Denis John Healy 


To good times and bad times, v 
had them all — friends: EB, 
K.W, MW, WG, CR, BD, LF, 
GF, CF, CP, TR, JT, DC, TW, 
LC, BR, BC, KG, AH, KK, 
ST. SW. 

S i 

f 1 ■ 

Thanks Mom, Dad, Dina, and Carin— you have al- 
ways made my life very special. Thanks for being 
there for me. — Love, Denis 

Reformed quote by me, "People are judged by their 
actions, not words." 
Football — 9-0, a perfect season 

Here's to the best times of my 
Interim Week: Montreal '86, 1 
>ns '8' 

Ashley Diana Hemphill 

Would you be my friend if . . . L,L + A/EL's/White Sox games— N,J, + A/YO YO 
Fro!/Points!/Presents Presentsl/Cookie Monster/Who said that?/Club Med '89/Winning is 
the only thing!/Hand Massage— J. M.R./Flamingo Pind— Me, D,D, + S/Liza #2/Grow 
up!/Putros! A,A + G/Me so H***y - S + me/Yo, babie what's up?— Shay, Curls, + 

Ash/Screwdrivers/Who didn't do J.G.R.? (Besides me?!)/Late night, 3-way- 
J.R./Thanks to all my friends!! 

-L.M. + 

Shay — 1 wonder if people think we 
are sisters because of our hair. 
— Curls. 

've loved these days — Billy Joel 

Love ya Bro! 

ran't stand losing! 

Thanks Mom and Dad for 
putting up with the and the 
worse. I love you! 

Ash, you have to keep it a secret. You 
can't tell anyone — but ME! — Liza 

Homecoming '90 

B./Laura/Beckster Stevie/ Cy/Brian/T.C./Stelle/ 
Ale/Eddie/Carter/Beth/ Angeline/Lisa Geordie/Jo- 
anna/ Gigi/Laura/Ali/Ais/Kate/Gretch/Mary/ 
Kris/Denis Beids/ZOO/Cogan/ Owen/Pam/Emily/ 

I might grow pretty, you 
might grow tall, but we don't 
have to change at all. — 

Cheiby tioDson 

Best Friends Forever! 

Dad, I love you! 

This page is dedicated to all the people that have 
made a noticeable difference in my life! Thanx! 

#24 RULES! Hobby/Chela/Chile- 

VOLLEYBALL /Chickle/Sch wee- 

tie/and Hobster or just 

The Real Makia! 
Makia — 1 luv ya sis! 
'"That ain't even 
righteous!" — Jenny 

"Can't touch this" 
— M.C. Hammer 

Theanna and Arial My two favon 
ters! I love you!! 

Mom and Ed— 1 LOVE YOU! 

Mom n' Little 

It's buddy! 

' 1 

Andrew Charles 
Stuart James 

A.J./Spider/Bartdomue/I feel like John — Travolta/B.J. con- 
cert/Bachelor Party/you love it/road trip/Silver/Bluesub/my 
knee is so sexy/sarcasm/turkey sandwich/VOBS/Sarkis/Za 
Keed/stomach muscles/Santa's Village/T.C.B.Y./Yo!/Live 
and Surf/Jordan's/spam/There's six/Hoops/Oliver/Thanx 
Cathecra/8-ball/3 party mi casa!/Peanut/Maria/all of the 
boogers/Lisa my wife/D.C./O.G./B.A./N.R./Philip/ZI 
man/T.F./A.B./D.B./A.H./Jauck/G.P./N.B./A.L./See ya./I 
love you. 

Carmen's with 
House dressing 

Lawnmower. shopping cart, 

"Don't have a cow man." — Bart 

We're getting huge 

"Cause there'll be hard times Lord, 
those hard times Who knows better 
than I" — Eric Clapton 

Boyd Kehoe 

Katrina/Trina/Kaitrin/That night— my little bit of realityl/Buttheads/ 
Blues Fest '90/Drain-O/Just Do It/Can we move her? Mover?/Cope/] 
was just thinking that!/Aunt Betty in Valparaiso/JT— both nights/Ra- 
tionalizing/Tell me a story/ . . . and then I woke up!/3 a.m. in a van: 
AGK/Merriville, IN with Jake/It's okay, nobody diedl/Nantuckel 
'90 — USNA guys/Pretty Woman/Innocent bystanders/I love apples— 
V/Ybr window— broken and entered — Rob/Washington Island 

The stars are the greatest thing you've 
ever seen! — REM 


My Masarati does 185 . 

Live for each second without 
hesitation. — Elton John 

This is the time to re- 
member 'cause it will 
not last forever These 
are the days to hold on 
to . . . .—Billy Joel 


Those who dream by 
day are aware of 
many things which 
escape those who 
dream only by night. 
— Edgar Allen Poe 

I want to rock 
your gypsy soul. 
— V.M. 

It's a marvelous 
night for a 
— Van Morrison 

I was never satisfied with casua 
encounters. I can't hide my neec 
for two hearts that bleed wit! 
burning love, that's the way if; 
got to be. — Madonna 

Brown eyed girl — Green eyed lady 

We are each given a block of marble 
when we begin a lifetime and the tools to 
shape it into sculpture. We can drag it 
behind us untouched, we can pound it 
into gravel, we can shape it into glory. 
— Richard Bach 

Deep greens and blues are 
the colors I chose. Won't 
you let me go down in my 
dreams? . . . and Sweet 
Baby James. — James Tay- 

I like Gary 
and you like 
That says it 
all. — Gret- 

Florence Idsmen and 
Mary Janes/Heat Day/Big 
Day/North Carolina/Be- 
ing Huffy/Disney World/ 
Bermuda/Loser face/ 
When are you going to be 
finished with that book?/ 
Go feed the ducks/Hor- 

Whenever I see your 
smihn' face. I ha - 
smile myself . . . 
— James Tavlor 

G.T. — The best thing you've eve 
done for me, is to help me take m; 

life, afte 

Yookyung Kim 


One night I dreamed I was walking 
along the beach with the Lord. I turned 
and looked back and saw all the footsteps 
I had taken in my life. Most of the time 
there were two sets of footprints in the 
sand — mine and the Lord's. But I noticed 
that sometimes there was only one set of 
footprints, and these were the times when 
the path was steep and rough. So I asked 
Him, "I thought you would always be 
with me, Lord. But at the most difficult 
times in my life, I see only one set of foot- 
prints. Why did you leave me when I 
leeded you most?" The Lord answered 
jently, "I was always with you, my child. 
Where you see just one set of footprints I 
was carrying you." — anonymous 

We do love violin, but we still 
don't wanna practice, (music 
camp '90) 

You'd better put my pic- 
ture on the year- 
book! — my little cousin 

One thing I've noticed in America is that it's really hard to 
find anyone shorter than I am. (Summer '89) 

Stuart Allen Lax 

i . 

Standin" on the hill in the mountains of 
dreams Tellin' myself it's not as hard, 
hard, hard as it seems. — Led Zeppelin 

Speak to me of summer Long winters 
longer Than time can remember Of 
setting up of other roads To travel on 
in old accustomed ways. — Yes 

I'm just sittin' here Bangin' on my old piano Gettin' in the tune With the 
straiaht and narrow. — The Who 

It's all over for the Unknown Soldier- 
. — Jim Morrison (the Doors) sums up 
war in one sentence. 

When that last guitar has been packed away You know I still 
wanna play So just make sure that you're all set to go Before 
you come for my piano. 

You got a dream — you 
wanna fly You got an urge 
>ou can't deny Within 
your heart you found a 
voice It's callm' to you to 
make a choice. — Billy 

You gotta be crazy, you gotta have a real reed. 
You gotta sleep on your toes, and when you're on 
the street. You gotta be able to pick out the easy- 
meat with your eyes closed. .And then moving in 
silently, down wind and out of wight. You gotta 
strike when the moment is right without thinking. 
— Pink Floyd on 5 easy steps in becoming a good 



'Know thyself."— Delphic oracle, 6 

"Dig yuhself."— Dylan, 1961 A.D 


'Birds sing sweeter than books tell 
how." — E.E. Cummings 

Experience teaches that silence terrifies." — BD 

'"But you yourself know who you are, don't you?' I 
interjected. 'You bet I . . . don't,' he exclaimed and 
rolled on the floor, laughing at my surprised look." — 
Carlos Castaneda 

When in a foreign country it's impor- 
tant to act weird, because there they 
mistake it as custom. 

"Are there any questions?" the instructor asks. 
A blond haired little boy in the first row raises 
his hand and asks "How far to Mexico?" — BD 

"You know how to think you two?' 



Q. c 

cd i— 

These troubled times are the golden 
days of tomorrow and the bright future 
of yesterday. 

"The quicksands of automatism and dreams vanish 
upon awakening. But the rocks of the imagination 
still remain." — Dali 

"Developing secret weapons is of great importance to 
the Pentagon and the previous week I had been shot 
with a dart whose drugged tip caused me to look and 
talk exactly like Salvador Dali."— Woody Allen 

"How many roads must a man walk down, be- 
. .... <i" on 


Randall Maconachy 


The best host family. Bill, Denise and Chad Topaz 


I hate beards 
But I love apples 

Robert Andrew 

Thanks Mom, 
Dad, Wessa, 
Mr. K., North 
Shore, & 

Friends for 

Soft as satin, 
smooth as 
silk. — Lisa 



What it is, what it 
was, what it shall 
be!— Cy O. 

Mbobby McClung/Cope!/Women cruising — 
TMR/Bingo!— Crunch/Talk to me/TCBY Lady/ 
Diagrams/Window.. oops/Inner thigh/Hi Paula!/ 
XVJ641 Postulate/JKay/Smey/Danay!/Nail Bei- 
der— Swine/I like . . . /To all, thanks for everyth- 

Bert!/Tuxedos on the beach?/The 
EGG/Ahuuug/Phalic kitchen 
utensils/The Beach/Friend- 
s . . . Again/Yuk foo/Stand by 

1990 Raider Football. 
LOLA. . .lo. . .la. . .LOLA/Excuse 
me while I wax my neble./Owe, 
my knee! 


Engineered like no other, the Benz 

Aisling Brenda McDonagh 

key*Kris *Liza*Ash*Grettle*Kate*AJ.*Roberto* Wauwa*Virgin*Phi 
Mush*Kathee*Shenew*Mir and Bri-guy*Fifi*Ruprect *Booger*Putr< 
*Pepe's*Vobs*Gunther Murphy's*Bessie McD*Blue Sub*Becster*Silv 
*Krismobile*Thumper — R.I.P.*Paula and Amanda Christmas '8! 
Spring Break '90*BluesFest '90*Ireland '73-'90*France '87 and '< 
♦FRENCH TAPE RULES!*TCBY*U2!U2!U2!*Ugly Hair*Chea; 
Good, and Pretty*Kenilworth snobs*Hey . . . you!*Ride on time-wa 
Robert the Pizza-eating freak*McDonagh Rules of the Road with Cc 
lins School of Driving*What's this B.S. that keeps dropping on my car' 
Jeff the rapistTm green*It's only me*A.L.S.O.B.*I know dat*Don't \ 
wanna give me a ride?!*John F. Travolta dance*Unicorn Dance*Nai 
tucket with Kate '90 — USNA guys*Prom '90*We're the squad from he 
and we don't take it from no one!*COOKIE DOUGH!*I love yc 
Kris*I love you Mary*Thank you Mom, Dad, Fi, Cirs and Baby G ft 
everything! I love you all!* 

Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum forever 

Those who have the will to win cannot be beaten. 

Those who bring sunshine to 
the lives of others cannot 
keep it from themselves. 

Any time, any place, anywhere, I'll never forget wh 
we've shared. 

We are family, I've got all my sisters and me! 

So before we end(and begin again), we'll drink a 
toast to how it's been . . . I've loved these days. 

This is the time to remember 'cause it will not last for- 
ever. — B.J. 

vc had to cry, and loved right down to our last 

f because I Ic 

Liza Meegan Michaels 

Who stole the cookies?/Points, points/Presents, presents/Blues Fest '90 
(Bruise Fest)/I love boys, they're everywhere!/Yeh, this place is drip- 
ping with . . ./Becky's backyard/Well, Becky, it's not a piano/Touch Mr. 
Happyl/Excuse me, Greg, will you . . . Oh, forget it, you're just a sopho- 
more/Now all we have to do is get through July/Pretty Woman/Becster 
mobile, Bessie blue-sub, Thumper — R.I.P./work-play apparel/good 
shoes— prom shoes/The Liza dance/Chicago's Greatest Hits/E.L.S./ 
Don't you wanna give me a ride?/Yeh, ole?Party, chill, party/would you 
be my friend if I . . ./August 1 9-26/Innocent bystanders/good girls/ 
prude club/cheap, good, and pretty/Lil' Mermaid/Lil' Mermaid/Pepe's 
party favors/Do you know what I mean? Do you?/Herdie boy/Mom, if 
I didn't come home tonight, I'm dead on Green Bay Rd./Nobody died, 
we're all okay, we'll get over it/McDonagh rules of the road/Creative 
driving/8-2-5 off! 8-2-5 off!/Prom: the overrated experience/Lear and 
Cordelia die? Buzzkill!/Liberating/Well, Beck, just cause they're coke 
addicts, thieves, and vandalists doesn't mean they're not nice guys/3 
times a charm (not!)/Ditching Jewel/Purher club/I'm too lazy to 
chew/Ya big Raiderl/Harlem Candy 

"You're never fully dressed without a smile" 

"I heard it said some- 
where that one day all 
good things come to an 
end" — Smithereens 

"I was never satisfied with ca- 
sual cncounlcrs/l can'l hide 
my need for two hearts lhal 
bleed/A burning love that's the 
way it's got to be"— Madonna 

"And the seasons, they go round and round/And the 
painted ponies to up and down/We're captive on the 
carousel of time/We can't return/we can lonely look- 
/behind from where we came/And go round and 
round and round/In the circle game" 

hanks for pulling 
nd the worst. 


It was/A time of inno- 
cence/a time of confi- 
dences/Long ago, it 
must be/I have a pho- 
tograph/Preserve your 
memories/They're all 
that's left you" — Si- 
mon & Garfunkel 

"Find a way to my heart/and 
I will always be with vou" — 
Phil Collins 

"Never let 
go of 
your spirit" 



'"So before we end (and hegin again) we'll drink 
a loasi lo how it's been . . . I've loved ihesc 
days"— Bilh Joel 




Thanks Mom, Dad, and Lisa, 
I will never forget you! . . . 

A friend is someone to keep 

locked in your heart. 
That's what a song said that I 

heard in America. 
But the one who sang cried 

when he saw his friend leav- 
The one who stayed flew with 

the thoughts in the song 
That the other remembered. 
The one who flew kept in his 

thoughts the song that the 

other sang. 
A friend is someone to keep in 

the left side of your chest. 
Even if time and distance say 


Even if you forget about the 


The most important thing is to 

To the voice that comes from 

the heart 
Because no matter what hap- 
Someday, friend, we will meet 




Raider football '90 — what did we do? Kick butt!/Me 
and Ed at Sarkis/THE SLAPA/Us dummies!/Hard- 
•ore at Ed's/Homecoming '90 with Smokey/Ed and 
ihe Screaming Mr. Happy/Golf with Jake/Key West 
'90_what a major trip!/Jake's serious injury list/Ser- 
ious crazy mamas 

'Keeyyupp, Aw Kay . . . " — Joe 

Jake, look at your butt. It's HUGE!"— ZOO 

In response to Joe's question of whether we 
are the wildest class or just the stupidest class, 
I believe it is a mixture of both. 

Every day.' 'What's your problem?' 'I 
don't know.'" 



"Now old friends are acting strange, 
They shake their heads, they say I've 

Well something's lost, but something's 

I'm with them every day. 
I've looked at clouds from both sides now, 
And up and down, and still somehow 
it's life's illusions I recall, 
I really don't know life at all." 
— Joni Mitchell. 


-T.C. and "My mission in life is to move 
things." — Jake in Key West 

Mom, Dad, Cy, Winston, 
— thanks for everything. I 
love you. 

Nick/Joebee/ Jake/ Franco — Yo yo/E-D/ 
Bryan— Sprout/T.C./Greg/Gigi, HUH!/Clung/ 
Kool, two/Bean/Casey/Tory, the SLAPA HO! 


"The SLAPA's like this and goes LA LA 
LA!" — Franco 

"... at the core of nothingness, and yet not 
nothing." — D.H. Lawrence 

To my Family: 

Thank you for taking such good care of me all 

these years. 1 love you guys more than anything. 


worry, be 

LeTrinh Quach 

in a 


-Mr. Conroy 

To NSCDS and all of my friends: Without you 
guys, I would have not made it through four years 
of High school and 
every so often. I wi 

of luck 

to Class 
of '91 

Joshua Francis Quinn 

The slow, steady progression of time 


Looking for a few good men? 


Ready ready! 

You wouldn't know 'em . . . they're from 

T ' ; • ^i 






Hey, look, I'm a ***** astronaut!/You 
dissed her . . . openly!/The Big Toe/It's 
true in most states, but not the United 
States.— Nick/Who's Lew?/You think 
you know everything . . . just shut up- 
!/(Joe sound) Ooooookay./Hoed up/Hey, 
buncakes! — Mrs. Cooper/Fish were dyin- 
'!/See me on a one-to-one. — Miga- 
ki/Uhhhhh . . . mmmmmmmmmmm 

. . . er, uhhhh . . . well, yep. — Thor/ 
Hey gang!/There's six/Sianara/Bin- 
goooo/Right through the middle/Never a 
doubt/Must be a lotta glare off the lights/ 
Don't forget the luggage!/When do we 
eat?/I don't like them stringy thangs. — 
T./ Yaaaaayyy! I'm alive!/ — Kris the 
Squirrel Puppy/My name's MACBETH!/ 
Great Gatsby? He was great!/Oh my- 

. . . breast!/I shall grab it ... I have 
not/I'm embarrassed for you/Don't get 
saucy with me, Bernaise/We're havin' 
meatballs/Nt God, everyone's got to play 
doctor. — JDI/Feel free to draw upon 
your reading as usual/Ready ready!/Can't 
touch this/My nose is big . . . like a 
pickle/Don't be so defensive. — Tina/Not 
the BIG CIRCLE?!/Not only do we have 
to go to hell, we have to fun there. — Ja- 
ke/Brine Shrimp lab/The fagocy-tosis of 
my left colin prostrate . . . /Where's 
your white-out? — Gretch/Touchdown Je- 
sus/I am NOT going bald!/Stu, the an- 
tichrist/Football '90/#53/Homecoming 
'90 — Smokey says, "Every ting cool, 
mon. "/Thanks, NS for four great years — 
"Remember that I did not fear ... It 
was just leaving you that was so hard to 
face." — Clark Clifford 


Nicole Rousseau 

Life goes by pretty fast; if you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could rr 
it— F.B. 

It's the end of the world as we know it. — R.E.M. 

Oooh! Where was my head? 

Shut up already! 


You slay me! 

Nope, never met him! 

So, what's your point? — Aggie 

All you've got is 
this moment! — INXS 

The hell you say! — K.B. 


Don't play hard to get 


you might miss something — Shag 

I still haven't found what I'm looking for. — U2 

Hold a good thought for me. — Marilyn Monroe 

Aggie— Yo Baby Yo Baby Yo! Can I tell you? 

Here's a dollar, go buy a clue. Don't be shy, show some thigh 

It's a marvelous night for a moondance. — VM 

I've got the power. — Snap 

Laugh now, but one day we'll be in charge. 

We're all worms, but I do believe I'm a glow worm. — Winston Churchill 

Etienne . . . When was the last time you checked the children? 
Stevie, Stevie, your blood ... all over me! 

A circle is round and has no end and that's how long 
I'll be your friend. 

Carpe Diem 

Elevate your mind and free your soul/If you need a friend, don't look to a stranger, you know in the end I'll 
always be there/Life goes on long after the thrill of livin' is gone/I peer through the window of lost time lookin' 
over my yesterday/Let the good times roll!/These boots are made for walkin'/I am 'En-e-ry the VIII I 
am . . . You've just got to see me through another day. 

Thanx for the memories. I love you guys. 

Jan Philipp Schmidt 


Thanks to: The great Dimons, the Senior 
Class, "Franz Beckenbauer," Eric, Bazooka 
Joe, Assist, LISA, Janos, Gusti, NSCDS, Ca- 
thedral (5!!!), Jack Ker., Hans and Franz, "Fahrvergnugen," the "Ap- 
ple Monster" 

No one gets out alive 

If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it truly is, infinite.- 
William Blake 

Ming Kolsch, Ding 
Kolsch, Sing Kolsch! 

Joe Shenton 

"Joe's sophomore year was the best two years of his life- 

." — Chapin 

"Air this thing out, use Binaca if you've got it." — unknown 


"If two people are attracted to each other, why can't they have 

fun?"— Rez 

"Yo dude, check out the wipers on that . . . ." — Josh 

"Good dog, just a tree." — J.K. 

"What's that smell? Ashley " 

"Nick, are we in the same book?" — MGC 
"Is our class the wildest or just the stupidest?" 

THE SLAPA-E.D., J.K., Nick, Franco, Z, Rez, T.C., Greg, Slapa 
ho/Ash/Gigi Huh/J & J Handymen/Spring Green — friendly veg./ 
Beware of the Cookie Monster/Homecoming '90 — Smokey and 
the Happy Tank/Prom '88--p fac 5x/Marine Bio "trip"/Class of 
'91 — the never-ending party/ 


v J*. ' ■ ■ • 1 

Haruka Shibuya 

It is better to try something new than fade away with regret that won't disappear away 
forever. — Izack Kauwin. 

To my family: I've become who I 
am because of you. 
Thank you for everything, and you 
are the best of all. 

^^l~ _^^B Wb.k* 


^^ ^J^^r^ 

/*. -i -t 

Even though we're going to different towns, cities and countries, someday, sometime, we will meet again. — Paul Bowen 

Peter Spier 

Carpe diem 

My crush 
on Simone 

Yo, baby, 
Yo, baby, 

So what you're saying is that you love them, but you 
don't love their speed 

It's a no-go, a no-can-do 

Its only her posture 

It takes 

He's wiggin man. 
He's wiggin man, 
really wiggin 

America . . . 
Get Busy 

Eric K., Chuck, Wink, Colin, Karen, 
Kyngster, Seth F., Butch, Molly, Umut 

Everything in moderation, except 
Reagan's waistline. 

He's looking for blood and he's not gonna 
find it 

Jennifer Stone 

Filz's Beach/What day is New Years?/ 
Diana's— oopah!/303 cab/J.G. -whatever/ 
Zuckfest/cornnuts late night at Jack's/Dou- 
ble — your man!/Did you have salad for lun- 
ch?/Are you a Heather 9 /Bonanza/3:00 in the 
morning/Sunday club/Where are your 
friends?— She's right here/No one's coming 
to our partyl/I just want to smell his neck — 
get the polaroid!/The Marriot B-day from 
hell!/I only had a cokel/I'Il get it/Kingston 
mines/Are you a movie star/let's go on a mis- 
sion/HOT'./Let's hot tub it tonight!/Why is 
everything we do related to food?/Let's order 
from Dee-Jays!/You'll have the kids, I'll take 
them shopping'./rainbow — Bottom Rim- 
mer!/TDDUP/I love you all. 

This is the time to remember, cause they will not 
last forever. These are the days to hold on to 
cause we won't although we'll want to. 


cs on a 
oon of blind- 
ness, a river in a 
lime of dryncss- 
. . . when all I 
wanl is you. — U2 

If the people stare, then let them stare 
I don't really know, and I don't really 

Find a way to my heart and I will always be with 
you. From wherever you are, I'll be waiting. 

She is the avalanche. 

She is the thunder. 

She is the waves, 

She pulles me under 

I love you cause I need to. 

Not because I need you 

I love you cause I 


God has given me 

your hand. 

It holds me in a tiny fist. 

But still I need your kiss. 

Hold on to love. — U2 

rj day with a smile and gel il over with.— W.C. Fieli 

Gretchen Marie Theders 

When a man does not keep pace 
with his companions, perhaps it is 
because he hears a different drum- 
mer. Let him step to the music he 
hears, no matter now measured or 
far away. Henry David Thoreau 

My thought is a tender leaf that sways 
in every direction and finds pleasure in 
its swayings. Kahlil Gibran 

If you want to sing out, 

sing out. 

If you want to be free, 

be free . . . 

Cat Stevens 

Starlight, starbright, first star I see tonight, 
wish I may, wish I might, have the wish I 
wish tonight .... 

To my friends — 
You are who you are 
The same for me I 

We're forever changing 
Growing apart or grow- 
ing together 
Let us be forever and 

ever friends. 
Julian Hagen 

In the path of our happiness shall we find 
the learning for which we have chosen this 
lifetime. Richard Bach 

You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not 
the only one. I hope some day you'll join 
us, and the world will be as one. 
John Lennon 

Steven S. Timoner 

Stay gold. 

If you're going to have a nose, have one, I've got 

Speak softly but carry a big stick. 
— Theodore Roosevelt 

Steven l. wims 

Steven: the man and his ward 

From childish pranks to 
formal dances, the life of 
Steven Willis has 
been one worth 
living . . . 


. . . and through it 
all, love and faith have 

Now that we've found love, wha 
are we going to do? 

Smile gentlemen 

With this picture we're bound to be successful. 


Thanks Mom, Dad, Rob, David Letter-man, etc. — 
with family tradition, there will be no cheezy rock 
quotes on this page. 

At one time I might have known the answer 
to that, but now I honestly can't remember. — 
Ronald Reagan 

The green machine — 
Payback time! 



There's a big difference bclween us (the government) and Ihc 
mafia. The mafia works for lying, cheating, conniving crooks, 
and we work for . . . the president.— The Naked Gun 

Gee, sometimes I wish I was 
average. — Rob Zgonena 

My mind is not function- 
ing very well today. — Mr. 

Don't look in this corner! I told you not to look! Stop looking! 
Hey, I'm warning you! . . . 


Yearbook staff 

The Class of 1991 

Jim, Jean, and Lisa 

I'll do anything, even dishes 
if you will all stay until 1992! 





Good Luck! 


Congratulations Sarah 

And the Class of 91 


The Crawfords 

O ^ 

*>^ gv= HARRIS 
^<? /i-~5 BANK 


To faculty and staff: 

The Woman's Board of NSCDS thanks you for your 
participation in Auction '91. Your support is greatly 

To the Class of '9 1 : 

Your hard work on Auction '91 helped make it a big 
success. The Woman's Board of NSCDS thanks you and 
wishes you every success in the future. 



Ciara '90 

Fiona '87 

Aisling '91 



And The 

Class of '91 

Mom, Dad, Fiona, Ciara, and 


Congratulations to the Class of 1991 

Mmi' CupDoarb 


1410 Waukegan Road 
(Corner Lake & Waukegan) 
Glanview, Illinois 60025 

Linda Theders 

Dear Seniors 

May your future 

be filled with happiness. 

We will miss you 


Gigi and Tina (Bean) 


Suzanne K. Cooperman, M.[ 

Adult and Adolescent Psychiatry 

740 Elm Street 
Winnetko, Illinois 60093 

30 N. Michigan Ave. 
Chicago, I L 60602 


Congratulations, Laura! 

We wish you continued success 
and many happy tomorrows. 

Mom and Dad 






Sure went fast, Denis! 
Congratulations! ! ! 

We love you. 
Mom, Dad, Dina and Carin 




Your vision has always 

kept the future in focus. 


Liza '91 andJared '95 

We Love You! 

Mom and Dad 

gSMDUtOK ns 

Bravery for the high She would give him the moring And when they were good, they were very, vei 

jumps . . . affection for the star. good, and when they were bad . . . 


Cuddling the Big Mamoooc 

Moving right along. 

It is the gift of her love that comfor- 
teth like the sunshine after rain. 
Blessings, Bunny Love, we'll miss 
you! — Your Family 

First dance, please She loved her dearly. 

Baby Bright Eyes 

When she stretched he 
imagination, he r hair di 

tnn ^k. 



and the 
8th Grade class 




Mom and Dad 

££ miskor 1 77 

Dear Geordie, 

Thank you for being the special young man 
you have grown to be. We love you! 
Mom and Dad 

Thank you, 
North Shore 

We want to thank all of our 
teachers and friends at 
North Shore for making our 
time here so memorable. 
We appreciate all the time 
and effort by everyone. 
Thank you again. 

— Danny Beider 
Robert McClung 
Denis Healy 

Whatever you wish, 
Whatever you dream, 
Whatever you hope to 
achieve . . . 

Whatever you try for, 
Whatever you plan . . . 
It is YOURS if you only 

Congratulations Dann 
and the Class of '9 

Mom and Om 

Congratulations Danny 
We're so proud of 

*°?f, s > 


811 ELM STREET . WINNETKA, IL 60093 . 446-8880 



9:30 AM -5:30 PM 

The Village 
Book Shoppe 

Books & Games 

1107 Central Avenue 
Wilmette, IL 60091 

Mon, Tues, Wed & Fri9:00 
Thurs 9:00-8:00 Sat 9:00 
Sun 1:00-4:00 

Thanks for 
a Great 
Four Years 
— Chelby 


Comfort Inn 
601 West Diversey 

Chicago, IL 60614 


and Good Luc 

to the 

Class of '91 


and the Class of '91 

Thank you for all you have given me. 
You are my hero. 
You are the wind beneath my feet. 
My cup runneth over. 

My heart and my love 

to you always, 


May good fortune be with you, may your guiding light be strong, and may sunshine and 
happiness surround you when you're far from home. Be courageous and be brave and in 
my heart you will remain . . . forever young. 


Mom, Dad, Maggie, Pumpkin, and Lincoln 


This yearbook has been a real adventure to 
create. From going slightly insane to "borrow- 
ing" assorted items, the 1991 Mirror has a 
crime record of its own. 

I want to thank the staff for their hard work 
and continued devotion. I would also like to 
greatly thank Mr. Almquist for all of his long 
hours of work for us and Amy Peters for her 
scrupulous proof-reading and uncanny sense 
of humor. Thank you all for your hard work. 
It was a blast, but let's not do it again, OK? 

-Robert McClung 

To Andrew, Brian, Steve Timoner (Loser Lunch), 
(my fellow Loser among the Losers), Nikki, Josh, 
Willis, Sarah, Rob, Stu, Kate, Gretchen (Mirror s 
and all the seniors from 8th Period Gym, Our 
and chorus: 

I love you guys and I'll miss you!